Raleigh Assisted Living Communities

Comfortable senior assisted living locations can be found in and around Raleigh, NC. These primary care facilities support families with senior loved ones who may require assistance. Residents can look forward to 24-hour care while living a dignified and independent day-to-day life.

Sunrise’s Assisted Living Communities in Raleigh, NC, support a wide range of senior care programs that meet residents’ unique needs and preferences. These programs range from independent living to assisted living and respite care. Residents with Alzheimer's and dementia are also welcome.

Thanks to our tenured team, each resident can look forward to community partnerships, outings to downtown Raleigh or trips to experience urban life and eateries. Our residents feel right at home in the Raleigh community where amenities are always within reach. Find out more about the offerings at assisted living Raleigh communities by speaking with a Senior Resource Counselor today!