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Senior Activities

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Celebrate the Joy of Every Day with Senior Activities

ActivitiesStratford Court of Boca Pointe's senior activities let residents take an active role in ongoing clubs and organizations. The community regularly hosts educational programs for those with a love of the arts, music, dance and the sciences and takes full advantage of Stratford Court of Boca Pointe’s prime location.

Residents soon find they can’t wait to join our ongoing clubs and organizations, whether it’s a book club, a game of cards, group excursions to Boca Raton’s fantastic shopping, restaurants and entertainment, or just lively discussions of current events, your daily calendar can always be full. If life is about making choices, then the “good life” is about having a spectrum of classes, clubs, entertainment and cultural events that enrich the mind, body and spirit to choose from every day.

In fact, you’ll soon find the hardest part of the day is finding time to plan for tomorrow’s events.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - June 25
10:00am Transportation to Church**** (Sign up required)
10:30am Sunday Brunch (DR)
1:30pm News & Views with Professor Scott Richards (AUD)
1:30pm Sunday Shopping: Bealls****
3:00pm Sunday Movie Matinee (Ch 63)
3:00pm Jazz Music with Bob (lobby)
3:15pm BINGO (AUD)
4:45pm Sunday Dinner Outing: Lucky Palace (Chinese)
7:30pm Movie Night (Ch. 63)
7:30pm Burton Fisher's Opera Journey's presents "Orpheus in the Underworld" (AUD)
Monday - June 26
9:00am Bank Run
9:30am Exercise Essentials (AUD)
10:30am 11:30 Monday Errands
10:30am Poker (Dining Room)
2:00pm Library Trip****
2:00pm Shopping at Howard's****
2:30pm Live with Reflection Meditation (AUD)
3:00pm Stratford U: The Best of the American Songbook (AUD)
7:30pm Monday Night Movie (Ch. 63)
7:30pm Speaker: Harry Gestov: "The Music of Irving Berlin--Part 1" (AUD)
Tuesday - June 27
9:30am Exercise Essentials (AUD)
10:30am Stratford U: Improv (Cardroom)
10:30am Art Class (ACT)
10:30am Poker (Dining Room)
1:00pm Chair Yoga & Meditation (AUD)
1:30pm Judy's Brain Train (AUD)
3:00pm BlackJack****Sign up required (AUD)
7:30pm Movie On Channel 63
7:30pm Bingo (AUD)
Wednesday - June 28
9:30am Exercise Essentials (AUD)
10:15am Live with Reflection Meditation (AUD)
10:30am Blood Pressure Clinic
10:30am Poker (Dining Room)
12:45pm Depart: Isle Casino****
1:00pm Bunco Game (Dining Room)
2:30pm Hangman (bar)
3:00pm Stratford U: Let Me Tell You About....Betsy Singer "Working with the 1st commercial video productions in South Florida" (AUD)
7:30pm Movie Night (Ch. 63)
Thursday - June 29
9:30am Exercise Essentials (AUD)
10:15am Current Events (AUD)
2:00pm Poker (Dining Room)
2:00pm Movie Matinee & Popcorn "The Last Word" starring Shirley Maclaine (AUD)
7:30pm Movie Night (Ch. 63)
8:30pm After Hours Club (bar)
Friday - June 30
9:00am Bank Run
9:30am Exercise Essentials (AUD)
10:30am Meet Me at MoMA (ACT)
10:30am , 11:30 Friday Errands
10:30am Poker (Dining Room)
1:00pm Wisdom Circle with Rabbi Moshe Wolvovsky (AUD)
2:00pm Bank Run****
2:45pm Happy Hour (AUD)
2:45pm Live Entertainment: Jeff Bryer (AUD)
7:00pm Depart: Temple Beth El
7:30pm Movie Night (Ch. 63)
7:30pm Shabbat Services (AUD)
Saturday - July 1
9:00am Exercise (AUD)
10:00am The Stratford Swing Band "Come Dance & Enjoy" (AUD)
11:00am Trivia (ACT)
1:00pm Saturday Shopping: Steinmart****
1:30pm Bingo (AUD)
3:00pm Word Games (AUD)
7:30pm Saturday Night Cinema (Channel 63)