Sunrise at Five Forks

Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise at Five Forks

Our Sunrise Live With Purpose™ programming enriches residents’ minds, bodies, and spirits. Whether it’s expressing creativity through art, getting active with fitness classes, or learning something new, our residents enjoy a variety of activities that appeal to their personal interests.

Take a look at the programming and activities we offer in our community and learn more about how we’re welcoming brighter days.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - January 23
10:00 am Communion w/ St. John Neuman's
11:15 am Words N Words !
1:00 pm Scrabble Club!
1:00 pm Crafts with Linda!
2:15 pm Bingo for Bucks!
3:00 pm Hot Chocolate & Graham Crackers Social with Charades
6:15 pm Sunday Evening Movie!
Monday - January 24
10:30 am Morning Exercise w/ Linda!(1st floor)
11:15 am Double Dollar Bingo!
1:15 pm Afternoon Movie!
1:30 pm Flower Arranging Club!
3:00 pm Words N Words and Cookies & Milk
Tuesday - January 25
10:30 am Morning Exercise w/ Linda!
11:00 am Lunch Outing- Enjoy Red Lobster
11:15 am Watch Anne with a E!
1:30 pm Poker Club!
3:00 pm What's the Word and Pudding!
4:00 pm Resident Council Meeting!
Wednesday - January 26
10:30 am Exercise with Debbie!(1st floor, Singfit)
11:00 am Bowling with Debbie & Linda!!
3:00 pm Trivia Challenge and Munch on Goldfish Crackers
4:00 pm Collect For Animal Shelter!
Thursday - January 27
10:30 am Morning Exercise w/ Linda!
11:15 am Shopping for Essentials!
1:00 pm Dominoes Club!
1:30 pm Poker Club!
2:00 pm Get Fit w/ Bradford!
3:00 pm Words N Words w/ Linda and Ice Cream Sandwiches !
4:00 pm Monthly Bingo Auction!
6:15 pm Bingo w/ Lynn!
Friday - January 28
10:30 am Morning Exercise w/ Debbie(1st floor)
11:15 am Name 10 Game!
1:30 pm Current Events!
3:00 pm What's the Word with Wine and Cheese & Crackers
Saturday - January 29
10:30 am Exercise w/ Debbie!
11:15 am Bingo(1st floor)
1:30 pm Trivia w/ Debbie!
2:00 pm Afternoon Movie!
3:00 pm Finish the Phrase with a Surprise from the Chef
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