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Meet the Sunrise at Fountain Square Team

Welcome to Fountain Square! Let us introduce you to some of the serving hearts who care for our residents. Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Jackie Macenas | Executive Director

Jackie Macenas

Executive Director

“I have worked in the senior living field for nearly twenty years. Having spent extensive time in other communities, I can share that I have never been more proud to work at any other community. We provide numerous levels of care that allow our residents to age in place, meaning they truly get to make this community their home.

I am fortunate to have team members who have ‘the heart’ to care for my residents. Together, my residents, families and team members create the beautiful community of Fountain Square.”

Diane Watry & Megan Conrad

Diane Watry & Megan Conrad

“I love the opportunity to provide seniors and their families with the peace of mind that comes when a resident moves to a welcoming and vibrant new home. It’s truly gratifying to see the relief that families feel knowing that their loved one is safe, secure and engaged throughout the day.” – Diane

“I love meeting with new families and their loved ones and helping them every step of the way. I’m grateful I get to continue that relationship with them once they move in and join our Sunrise family. We truly are family, caring for each other on a daily basis. I really appreciate Sunrise’s truly individualized approach to care and that we take such pride in not only preserving our resident’s dignity but in celebrating their unique spirit!” – Megan


Samantha Bolen | Lead Care Partner

Samantha Bolen

Lead Care Partner

“Seniors have always been my passion and I truly believe that all seniors should have the best quality of life. I love providing that quality of care to our residents every day, and I get to do it with a team full of other caring, dedicated and experienced team members.”

Gaspar Marcelo & Yalem Woldu | Housekeepers

Gaspar Marcelo & Yalem Woldu


“I’ve been working at our community since 2011 as a housekeeper, but the residents fondly call me the ‘Balloon Man’ because I love to decorate my housekeeping cart with used balloons for some laughs. My team and I share a deep sense of service to our residents. I believe that when you serve other people, you are serving the Lord Almighty. Beyond my day to day tasks, I also enjoy sharing my natural talents, such as guitar playing and singing, with our residents.” – Gaspar

“I came to Sunrise 3 years ago and I just want to say it’s the best job I have ever had. There are unlimited reasons why I believe Sunrise is an amazing place, but the residents are the number one reason why I love my job so much. When I came to the United States from Ethiopia, I had to leave my mom, dad and siblings behind so my kids could have a better life. With that being said, the residents here give me so much love and wisdom I will forever treasure in my heart.” – Yalem

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