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Meet the Sunrise at Fox Hill Team

Meet some of the members of our team here at Sunrise at Fox Hill, Maryland. 

Fox Hill_ Shoaleh

Shoaleh Alai

Director of Sales

I have been with Sunrise since October of 2012. I started part time as concierge and worked in the activities department, before becoming sales associate and transitioning to director of sales.

My favorite part of working at Sunrise at Fox Hill is being able to provide compassion and care when families need it the most. As a director of sales, I strive to ease the decision making process for families going through a hard time having to decide on the next step and the right home for their loved ones.

Each day, I have the opportunity to come to a place where I know everyone is full of love. Nothing is better than to walk in to the office and be greeted with smiling face all around.

I love to spend my free time with my family. I love summer better than winter so I can jog and walk outdoors, and I also enjoy antique shopping and exploring new places.

Celia Marinelli-Miles

Assisted Living Coordinator

“I have worked as a licensed practical nurse for 34 years. I have also have worked as a nursery school teacher and am currently in College to complete my BA in Management of Aging at UMBC. I'm also an active volunteer, and have volunteered for Frederick County Public Schools, Montgomery County Public School and the Alzheimer's Association. In my spare time I like to garden, hang out with friends and design clothing - especially costumes for movies and plays." 

Brittany.C_FoxhillBrittany Duvall

Reminiscence Coordinator

"I have been a caregiver since 2007. I have worked in various Skilled Nursing Homes and volunteered often at Lakewood Hospital in Ohio before moving to Maryland. I continued my passion of providing the best care to our residents at Fox Hill where I became a Lead Care Manager, Med-Tech, Wellness Assistant, and now a Coordinator. As a Reminiscence Coordinator I truly enjoy forming amazing and lasting relationships with residents and family. 

My favorite part is coming in each day and getting to sit with the residents and talking to them at any given time of the day including at meals where they love to socialize. A resident once said to me 'If you’re quiet enough… you can learn A LOT.' That couldn’t be any truer! 

The best part about working for Sunrise is the family like environment. Each person you see walking the halls is always greeting someone with a smile on their face regardless of who it is and that speaks volumes all in itself. Here at Fox Hill, there is always opportunities to grow and it has been amazing experience to see others like myself do the same.

In my spare time, I enjoy crabbing during the Summer, reading and doing all things beauty related and spending time with family."

Collete Ondari

Wellness Nurse

“Prior to Sunrise, I worked as a medical-surgical nurse for older adults at the Washington Hospital. I also did my internship at Sunrise Senior Living in Arlington, Virginia. I love working at Sunrise because it allows me to care for all my residents, just as I had cared for my late father; it is rewarding to know I’m making a difference.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my young daughter


Claire Dunker

Resident Care Director

“I have been with Sunrise since November 2015. I became a CNA in 2004 and an LPN in 2008. When I became a registered nurse in 2010, my first nursing job was in the Newborn Intensive Care. From there I transitioned to Adult Intensive Care for three years until I became the director of nursing at a 170-bed assisted living facility in Duluth, MN. I was there for two years before coming to Maryland.

As RCD, I love forming these amazing relationships with the residents and families. Every day is such a gift and I’ve learned immensely from those I care for. I love being able to learn from those who are older and wiser than myself. They all have so much to share with us if we are willing to sit down and listen.

I enjoy the family atmosphere here at Sunrise. The people are friendly and anyone who comes here can feel that everyone who works here does it because they love it. Everyone cares for one another which in turn makes it so much more fulfilling to care for the residents. The learning and training opportunities are endless and I can feel confident that I work for a company whose values align with my own.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, swimming and being outdoors playing with my three beautiful little girls. I enjoy a good book, board games, and spending time with family.”

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