Sunrise at North Farmington Hills

Meet the Sunrise at North Farmington Hills Team

Meet some of the team members here at Sunrise at North Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Gail team member profile

Gail Gordon 

Head Medication Care Manager

“I have worked with Sunrise Senior Living as Lead Care Manager and, currently, as Lead Medication Care Manager for 16 years. For the past 25 years, I have enjoyed working with seniors.  I work well with my team to ensure that excellent service is provided to the residents.”

Sara team member profile

Sara Strubing

Business Office Coordinator

“I have worked with Sunrise at North Farmington Hills for the past five years. I love working with our residents because I learn so many things from them. They have many, many stories to tell, if you just take the time to listen. 

As the Business Office Coordinator, no two days are exactly the same. There is always a new problem to solve and someone new to help. 

I truly believe in the Sunrise mission and Principles of Service. By working for Sunrise, I’m helping to make a difference in the lives of seniors by ensuring that they get the quality of life that they deserve.”

Jenna team member profile

Jenna Rahill 

Activities and Volunteer Coordinator 

“I feel incredibly blessed to have a job that I sincerely love. I believe that, as individuals, we all want to feel like we have a sense of purpose, belonging, and community. I love that my job helps instill and sustain those feelings in our residents. 

It is such a privilege to help residents realize how special, valued and loved they are. Even more than that, I love being able to learn from our residents. I’m thankful that I can genuinely take pride in the place that I work because Sunrise is a place that cares so deeply about its residents. I love that Sunrise consistently strives to put the residents first, no matter what.”

Tom team member profile

Thomas J. Walsh

Senior Maintenance Coordinator

“I came to work for Sunrise Senior Living in 1998. Before that, I worked for a 200-unit senior housing authority and was at that building for 15 years. I have always enjoyed working with senior citizens; I was very young when my only grandmother passed away. I never grew up with a loving grandmother, and now I have a whole building full of grandmothers and grandfathers (my grand-buddies) that I get to take care of each day.

I had a hand in opening every Sunrise building in Michigan, 14 in all. 

My dad gave me my best lesson on fixing things; he always told me that if a man put it together, a man can take it apart.  So I never give up on finding a solution.

I plan on finishing my working career at Sunrise. My wonderful wife just retired from public housing as an executive director and we enjoy our summers at our property up north. I love to deer and turkey hunt. I’ve been hunting for more than 40 years now. Life is good.”

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