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Meet the Sunrise at Palos Verdes Team

Welcome to our community! We're pleased to introduce you to some of the team members who make our community a wonderful place to call home.

kelly jacobsKelly Jacobs

Executive Director

"My name is Kelly Jacobs and I am the Executive Director here at Sunrise at Palos Verdes. I began my career with Sunrise Senior Living in 2006 as a Care Manager in Assisted Living at Brighton Gardens of Yorba Linda. I was hesitant about applying for the position because my only experience with senior care was a convalescent home that my great grandmother resided in when I was a little girl. It wasn’t a good one to say the least. Deciding that I could make a positive difference in such an environment, I walked into that Sunrise community to fill out an application. I will never forget my great surprise at how incredibly beautiful the community looked. It was nothing like the convalescent home that filled my memory. 

Once I was hired and started working, I was so pleased to see the excellent care that was provided to the residents by the entire staff, the relationships between the two built on respect and trust, and how much the residents enjoyed their quality of life. At that time, I realized that Sunrise was more than just senior living, it is a culture based on a Mission, Principles of Service, Cor Values, a Team Member Credo, and a Foundational Belief. Since then, I have called three other Sunrise communities home and have worn many hats, but one thing remains the same; for me it is a privilege to serve seniors and their families and I cannot imagine doing it anywhere else other than Sunrise."

nicole matevosianNicole Matevosian

Director of Sales

"Hi! I am Nicole Matevosian and I am the Director of Sales. I joined the Sunrise of Palos Verdes team in 2019, but I have been working in the senior living industry since 2010. My knowledge of senior living was limited to convalescent homes, so I was shocked when I walked into the interview that would change my entire career plan. The community was so beautiful and home-like that I wanted to live there! I got the job as a concierge, worked as an activity’s assistant, and found my passion in the Sales Department. The most rewarding part of my job is helping families navigate the process of finding the right community for their loved one and offering them solutions for their challenging situations. 

I joined the Sunrise team because their mission to champion the quality of life for all seniors embodies what I believe in. Having worked for two other companies, I can confidently say that Sunrise is the best out there! I truly believe in not only their mission, but their principles of service, and team member credo. Outside of work you can find me cuddling with my three dogs, riding bikes on the Esplanade with my husband, cooking, baking, and exploring our beautiful planet."

lindy haysLindy Hays

Activities & Volunteer Coordinator

"My name is Lindy Hays and I am the Activities and Volunteer Coordinator. I began my career here at the Palos Verdes location in September 2015. That was six months prior to our Grand Opening, and I have some wonderful memories of introducing “our” community to “the” community! We called it the “Dusty Boots” tours as we ventured into the new and almost complete building! Those were exciting days and truly the excitement has never stopped! 

In 2017, I took on my current role and told anyone that would listen, “I have always enjoyed my work, but I feel that all paths led me here. This is what I was born to do!” One of my favorite elements to the AVC position is the impact that residents have on my calendar. It is never boring around here when new hobbies or interests are introduced to our activities. Every new resident is a new source of inspiration, learning, and fun for not only other residents, but me as well!"

courtney mcgrathCourtney McGrath

Resident Care Coordinator

"Hey, I am Courtney McGrath, and I am the Resident Care Director. I have worked for Sunrise twice in my life, once as a Care Manager in Reminiscence while I was finishing nursing school and again in my current role after completing my master’s degree in nursing. Prior to becoming the RCD at our Palos Verdes location, I worked at several hospitals gaining experience from different floors and specialties. The best part about coming back to Sunrise was feeling like coming back to family. 

This community cultivates a tight knit culture, and it is unmatched! The best part about coming back to Sunrise in my role is partnering with my residents in creating their personal care goals and helping them reach those goals. There is no feeling that matches seeing my residents thrive. Other than my job, I love spending time with my dog Dargan, working out, and mountain biking with my husband."

vada dalton-princeVada Dalton-Prince

Assisted Living Coordinator

"Hi, my name is Vada Dalton-Prince and I am the Assisted Living Coordinator. I have worked at Sunrise for over 5 and a half years now and the Palos Verdes location has been my home the whole time. I started working as a Care Manager in our Reminiscence neighborhood and soon after got promoted to be a Lead Care Manager. After a few years, I felt that I could bring more to this community and here you’ll find me today as the ALC! Prior to working with Sunrise, I cared for both of my parents and worked one-on-one as a caregiver for one other individual. 

While caring for my residents, I found immense joy in their happiness. It is my honor to make their days worthwhile and seeing them happy is the greatest part of my job. The second-best thing about working at our Palos Verdes location is the team. I’ve had the pleasure of growing within this community and watching others grow around me. We are a family. I do like spending time with my actual family outside of work too. We enjoy going to church and taking walks, I love Jazz concerts, and I LOVE going to target, but who doesn’t?"

eboni bentleyEboni Bentley

Business Office Coordinator

"Hi! My name is Eboni Bentley and I am the Business Office Coordinator. I have been with Sunrise for seven years! Prior to working in senior living I was a teacher’s assistant in special education. It wasn’t until I started caring for a dear friend that I discovered a passion for working with older adults. Fun fact, that friend later became my grandmother! My journey with Sunrise began at our Seal Beach location where I worked as a care manager and quickly earned a promotion to an Administrative Assistant after receiving my BS in business management. 

Shortly after, I was promoted to my current position at our Palos Verdes location and this community has been home to me since. The best part of my job is having the honor of caring for my residents and hiring AMAZING new team members! My role in the community is important to me and I work tirelessly to ensure our building runs smoothly; therefore, my passions outside of work revolve around relaxation. I love reading, listening to music, and anything comedy!"

emmanuel ramirezEmmanuel Ramirez

Maintenance Coordinator

"Hello, my name is Emmanuel Ramirez, or “Manny“ and I am the Maintenance Coordinator. I am also a cluster leader of 6 other communities in the Los Angeles and Orange counties. I have been with Sunrise for over 9 years. I started out as the Security / Night Janitor at the Seal Beach location. My prior occupations include Police Officer, K-9 Public Safety Officer, and Hospital Security. I liked Sunrise from the beginning because it really felt like I was providing a meaningful service. Although I provided public service throughout my past, this job gave me a feeling that touched my heart. Over the years, I transitioned into a Maintenance Assistant role and LOVED that position. I would change a light bulb and the resident’s gratitude was far beyond what I was used to receiving for such a small task. The bulb in my head turned on as well and made me realize that this is where I belonged. 

I learned so much in that role that I eventually thought I could run my own building. It took a few tries, but I found someone that believed in me, and gave me the opportunity to be the Maintenance Coordinator for the Palos Verdes location. I have been in this role for over 4 years and am happy to come in each day. From the beginning, it never felt like a job. I like to get straight to the task at hand as my days are never slow, but I always make time for meaningful interactions with the residents I serve. I am grateful for everything Sunrise and the people within have given me; they have taught me I have so much more to appreciate than before and I will never forget this family."

peter mathosPeter Mathos

Dining Services Coordinator

"Hi, my name is Peter Mathos and I am the Dining Services Coordinator. I have worked with Sunrise for over 5 years, but I have been in the healthcare food industry for over 30 years. I was a part of the movement bringing fine dining to upscale retirement facilities when it was a new concept to senior living. Prior to that, I worked in fine dining on both the east and west coast. Throughout my profession, I have been recognized in many publications for the quality of my work. These experiences and skills are what I love to bring to my residents every day. 

The best part of my job is giving my residents a diverse menu and hearing their pleased opinions. You can’t please everyone though, so I openly welcome any food critics as well to always keep my menu enjoyable. The team at the Palos Verdes location is unlike any other; we are a tight knit group and that is rare to find. My life outside of work does include cooking, but I do also enjoy working in my garden, getting a good workout, and my amazing family."

debra beinDebra Bein

Terrace Club Coordinator

"My name is Debra Bein and I am the Terrace Club Coordinator. I have been with Sunrise for over 2 years. Prior to working at Sunrise, I volunteered many hours at an Alzheimer’s Day Care facility and ran activities, led small groups, and worked on special projects. This type of work gave me so much joy and fulfillment that I went back to school at CSU Long Beach and earned a graduate level certificate in Gerontology. My favorite part of being at Sunrise is working with so many smart, compassionate, and talented co-workers, who are unparalleled to any other group I have ever worked with in my professional career. 

The best part of my job is that I get to laugh and cry tears of joy with residents on a regular basis. They are all funny, smart, and have lived very interesting lives. I am honored to be a part of their family. When I’m not at work, I enjoy reading, running, and traveling to close and far away destinations. And by the way, my grandmother lived to 107.5 years old, so I’ve had a keen interest in older adults for many years. This also means that with my genetic lottery, I plan on being at Sunrise for a long time to come."

jazmin rosasJazmin Rosas

Reminiscence Coordinator

"Hello, I am Jazmin Rosas and I am the Reminiscence Coordinator. I have been working in memory care for over 10 years! I started working at Sunrise over 5 years ago as a Care Manager and quickly realized I wanted to become a coordinator. I felt that I had more that I could give to these residents and our community. I cannot imagine being anywhere else as I feel my purpose is here. Helping my residents and families during this time in their lives truly brings me joy. 

Serving my residents isn’t the only thing that I love; my team and my fellow coordinators at Sunrise of Palos Verdes are my family. Not one of us sees our work as “work” and on those tough days we are there to support each other. Outside of Sunrise, I like to watch movies, enjoy the company of my children, and dance dance dance!"

Ta'Shawnda Barnett

Lead Care Manager

"I joined the Sunrise team in 2011. Before joining this team, I worked in a skilled nursing facility.

I love making my residents happy and seeing them smile. My goal is to turn that frown upside down. My residents and the whole Sunrise team is like my second family.

In my spare time, I love to shop, crochet, spend time with my family and friends, and eat, eat and eat some more!”

Roshana Razavi

Wellness Nurse

"I have been with Sunrise since 2013. Prior to Sunrise, I worked for several health and hospice agencies and managed an orthopedic medical office.

My favorite part of my job is seeing our residents happy and content. Here at Sunrise at Palos Verdes, there is a sense of camaraderie amongst the team members.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.”

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