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Meet the Sunrise at Sheepshead Bay Team

We are pleased to introduce you to some of the members of our experienced and professional team here at Sunrise at Sheepshead Bay, NY.

Kristina Mappsheepshead_Kristina_mapp

Director of Sales

I have worked for Sunrise Senior Living for four years. Before I worked for Sunrise I was a Social Worker at a Rehabilitation Center/Nursing Home.

My favorite part of being a Director of Sales is helping a family and their loved one choose a new home in which they have the opportunity to meet new people, participate in activities of interest, be supported with their independence and allow us to take care of their needs while enjoying their days.

The best part about working at Sunrise is getting to meet residents and hear their life stories and working together with all team members to ensure the residents are happy and fulfilled.

In my spare time I enjoy going to concerts, dinner with friends and creating memories with my family. My favorite hobby of all, watching my 3 yr old learn and grow into a smart and fun little boy!

Kimberly Butlersheepshead_bay_Kim_ butler

Activities and Volunteer Coordinator

I have worked for Sunrise Senior Living for three years. I was a Life Enrichment Manager for two years at the Sunrise of Staten Island before becoming the Activities and Volunteer Coordinator for Sunrise of Sheepshead Bay. Prior to my career at Sunrise I have a background in Activities, Social Work, Business, and Sales for five years at a skilled nursing facility.

Being an Activities and Volunteer Coordinator, I utilize different leisure programs to get our residents back into things they love doing or to try something new. I love assisting our residents in doing the little things that make life enjoyable as well as memorable. In my time doing activities I have found when residents are immersed in their interests they find new motivation to push further in other aspects of their lives and make great strides. The relationships built and seeing the resident’s accomplishments is priceless, it is my favorite part of the job.

The best part of working for Sunrise is that it is not just another healthcare facility, it has its own culture which revolves around our resident’s quality of life. Research shows that lifestyle and health go hand in hand. Sunrise provides a lifestyle that is beneficial to our residents, and their mission is something I truly believe in. They champion principles of service such as preserving dignity, nurturing the spirit, celebrating individuality, enabling freedom of choice, encouraging independence, and involving family as well as friends. It’s more than a place to live, it’s a lifestyle that all our residents’ families and team members embody.

On my spare time (not just at Sunrise) I like to do activities! I enjoy painting, hiking, swimming, reading, cooking and so much more. I like to “Be a seeker of everyday magic”.

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