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Meet the Sunrise at Webb Gin Team

Meet our talented and experienced team here at Sunrise at Webb Gin, GA.

carla cooper webb gin team member

Carla Cooper 

Executive Director

“I have worked at Sunrise for nearly 10 years.  I absolutely love spending time with my residents; talking with them about their life and dancing with them at the 3 pm social. My job allows me to wear many hats and every day is a new adventure.  The word boring absolutely does not exist in senior living.  

When I’m not at Sunrise, I am very involved with my university alumni association and spend time fundraising and recruiting for the school. I also am a believer in the power of retail therapy and try to find room in my schedule.”

heather means webb gin team member

Heather Means 

Director of Sales

“I have worked at Sunrise for nine years and in the senior living industry for 20 years. I have always had a passion for seniors.  My favorite part of my job is helping families through their loved ones’ transition and watching them flourish and thrive in their new home.  

The best part of working at Sunrise is the extended family and relationships that I have with my fellow team members and residents.  

In my spare time, I enjoy doing anything outside, especially camping.”

robin cage webb gin team member

Robin Cage 

Assisted Living Coordinator 

“I have worked at Sunrise for the past 10 years.  My brother had Alzheimer’s, and I cared for him for eight years prior to beginning my career at Sunrise.  After his death, I felt compelled to continue to be a caretaker.  

I love meeting a new resident and his or her family and seeing them transition from a feeling of uncertainty to a feeling and sense of security and sureness.  I love sharing my gift of compassion and encouragement to others.  

Outside of work, I enjoy reading spiritual books and writing sermons.”

princewill ogorye webb gin team member

Princewill Ogorye

Reminiscence Care Manager  

“I have worked at Sunrise at Webb Gin for six years.  I love working with seniors and bringing them joy.  They really impact my life and also my faith.  

The best part about working at Sunrise is creating pleasant days for the residents and assisting them when they need help.  

In my spare time, I enjoy handyman work.”

christiana asibey webb gin team member

Christiana Ashibey 

Care Manager  

“I have been with Sunrise for 16 years.  I love to be around my residents and listen to their life stories.  I enjoy the whole caregiving experience and the opportunity it offers me to be around seniors.  

The best part of working with Sunrise is the fact that all employees work as a team to give a good quality of care to our residents.  

In my spare time, I read my Bible, cook for my family and listen to gospel music.”  

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