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Meet the Sunrise of Burlington Team

We are proud to introduce you to our professional, experienced and compassionate team. Each of our team members cares for our residents based on the Sunrise Mission and Principles of Service, and takes pride in ensuring our community is a wonderful place to call home.

Alphonso Westley | Executive Director

Alphonso Westley

Executive Director

“What I love most about Sunrise is the sense of caring and family that you feel when you walk through the front door. Sunrise of Burlington is a great community with a stellar team!

Sunrise’s philosophy and approach to care is what brought me to this company. The staff takes great responsibility in creating pleasant and cheerful days. The whole home approach is evident as you watch the team work tirelessly to enhance the quality care that we deliver.”

Karen Wood | Director of Sales

Karen Wood

Director of Sales

“I got into this field because of my own experience as the consumer researching assisted living options. I love meeting with families and helping them navigate such an important step in their lives. Whether they choose Sunrise or not, I want to help them understand what questions to ask, know what to look for and help create a sense of relief during an often emotional and difficult time. 

The team of people I met throughout the interview process really impressed me. Everyone reassured me - through their actions and how they spoke about the people we care for - that I wanted to work here. Their passion was contagious.” 

Melissa Garner | Senior Resident Care Director

Melissa Garner

Senior Resident Care Director

“Our residents have so much to offer; their experiences and knowledge is unparalleled. They have fascinating stories and love to share.”

Jane Rodgers | Business Office Coordinator

Jane Rodgers

Business Office Coordinator

“The highlight of my day is spending time with our residents. I hope to bring them as much joy as they bring me. The mission of Sunrise is to champion the lives of all seniors. I want to contribute to the pursuit of this important mission.”

John Gillette | Activities and Volunteer Coordinator

John Gillette

Activities & Volunteer Coordinator

“During my 10 years here, I have enjoyed spending most of my time interacting with our residents; especially in ways that engage them in a thoughtful manner, such as brain gym or book club. I like hearing what they have to contribute. I can benefit from their many years of experience and wisdom!”

David Chiasson | Dining Service Coordinator

David Chiasson

Dining Service Coordinator

“What I love most about my role is the knowledge that I have an impact on our residents’ daily lives. By discussing food with them and discovering their likes and dislikes, I really get to know them. Caring for seniors takes true passion and commitment.”

Sharon Satterlee | Assisted Living Coordinator

Sharon Satterlee

Assisted Living Coordinator

“Initially, many of our residents tend to be nervous about leaving home to come to assisted living. Some express feelings of loneliness from the loss of loved ones. Others express a loss of purpose due to limitations. We reassure them that they are not alone and that we are here to help. 

After a resident moves in, our team works tirelessly to help them adjust to this drastic change. I love when our new residents begin to make connections with other residents and with their designated care managers. When they start referring to Sunrise of Burlington as ‘home,’ I know my team has succeeded. 

Everyone, from the housekeeping team to the regional leaders, shares the same passion: to champion the quality of life for all seniors.  The Sunrise mission and corporate philosophies are deeply aligned with my lifelong dedication to helping people. Sunrise is a special place and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Providence Mweze | Reminiscence Coordinator

Providence Mweze

Reminiscence Coordinator

“What I love most about my role is the lasting relationships and connections built amongst our caregivers, our residents’ family members and myself. They all become a second family. I see myself as the residents’ advocate and work each day to make them feel safe, secure and loved.

The mission to champion the quality of life for all seniors drew me to Sunrise. Also, this organization provides so much opportunity for learning and growth, allowing me to touch lives and make a difference.”

Katherine Nakayiza | Lead Care Manager-Reminiscence

Katherine Nakayiza

Lead Care Manager-Reminiscence

“I love working with our residents in our memory care neighborhood.  I listen to their stories and ensure they are loved throughout their aging process. Many may not be able to say the words ‘thank you,’ but they all show it in their own way. 

Sunrise cares for residents on a higher level and allows them to age in place by finding solutions for everyone. Working at Sunrise for the past 10 years has given me the opportunity to grow, and I’m regularly encouraged to explore different positions within the company and beyond by continuing my education.”

Willy Hernandez | Maintenance Coordinator

Willy Hernandez

Maintenance Coordinator

“What I love most about working here at Sunrise of Burlington is the residents’ stories and their gratitude for the simplest things. Sunrise encourages advancement and growth within the company. It’s a great place to work.”

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