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Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise of Cary

Sunrise of Cary's Programming and Activities allow each resident to experience complete life enrichment. We invite you to view our week at a glance and month at a glance activity calendars, which promote the health of the mind, body and spirit. Our vibrant programs are fulfilling and encourage our residents to celebrate the joy of every day. We help seniors live the life they want to live. Stop by a community and join one of our many daily senior activities so you can experience the Sunrise Difference.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - March 29
9:45 am Church Sermon Video
1:30 pm Trivia
2:15 pm Exercise Essentials: Wii Bowling
3:00 pm ABC "Awesome B-I-N-G-O Club" Social
4:10 pm Go4Life® Walking Club
5:45 pm Movie Feature: Dear John
Monday - March 30
10:00 am Exercise Essentials: Balloon Volleyball
10:45 am NewsCurrents Sr.
1:30 pm Baking Club
2:00 pm Uno Card Game
2:30 pm Go4Life® Walking Club with Eloise
3:00 pm Travel Series Social: Exploring Ireland
4:00 pm New Music Mondays
6:00 pm Meditation
Tuesday - March 31
9:30 am Bible Study with Judy
10:00 am Catholic Communion Service and Rosary Video
1:30 pm Exercise Essentials: Bocce Ball
2:30 pm Movie Matinee Social: The Farewell
4:10 pm Go4Life® Walking Club
6:00 pm Resident Led: ABC "Awesome B-I-N-G-O Club"
Wednesday - April 1
9:30 am Exercise Essentials: Weights with Heather
9:30 am Exercise Essentials: Bocce Ball
10:30 am Poetry Club
11:30 am Traveling Tasting Club
1:00 pm Catholic Bible Study with Aris
1:30 pm Left, Right, Center Game *Sunnybucks for Winner*
3:00 pm Sing-A-Long with Lisa Social
4:10 pm Go4Life® Walking Club
5:45 pm Wii Sports: Bowling
Thursday - April 2
9:00 am Go4Life® Walking Club
9:45 am Shopping Shuttle: Dollar Tree
10:00 am Catholic Rosary with the Legion of Mary
10:30 am Community Service: Flower Arranging
1:00 pm Scrabble
1:45 pm Move2Music with Lisa
3:00 pm ABC "Awesome B-I-N-G-O Club" Social
6:00 pm Meditation
Friday - April 3
9:30 am Wii Sports: Bowling
10:30 am Ladies Reflection: Nail Painting
1:00 pm Uno Card Game
2:00 pm SingFit®
3:30 pm Friday Happy Hour Social
4:10 pm Go4Life® Walking Club
5:45 pm Movie Feature:
Saturday - April 4
9:30 am Sunday School Lesson with Judy
10:00 am Sittercise with Caitlin
10:45 am Brain Teasers with Caitlin
1:30 pm Musical Ensemble featuring Green Hope High School's Music Honor Society
1:30 pm Meet Me At MoMA
1:30 pm Uno Card Game
3:00 pm Joyful Noises Concert
3:00 pm ABC "Awesome B-I-N-G-O Club"
4:10 pm Go4Life® Walking Club
6:00 pm Meditation
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