Sunrise of Claremont

Meet the Sunrise of Claremont Team!

We’re pleased to introduce you to some of the members of our excellent team who make Sunrise of Claremont, CA, a wonderful place to call home.

Sunrise of Claremont, CA Marivel Johnson

Marivel Johnson

Executive Director

Marivel Johnson began her Sunrise career five years ago as a Business Office Coordinator and was promoted to Executive Director in 2013. She enjoys getting to know the residents and their families during socials, holiday parties and other special events. Growing up without grandparents in her life, Marivel treats our residents as if they are her own family and cherishes each and every moment spent with them.

In her spare time, Marivel loves spending time with her son - traveling to new places, camping with the Cub Scouts or just hanging around. She also feels pride when she watches him interact with her residents at Sunrise of Claremont.

david sunrise of claremont pic

David Postar 

Director of Sales

Before beginning his career with Sunrise, David worked as a home improvement consultant, and he particularly enjoyed assisting older adults with their projects. He decided to go back to school and learn how to serve and advocate for older adults, and he earned his master’s degree in aging services management from University of Southern California’s School of Gerontology. This prepared him to work exclusively with seniors.

David says that his spirit is constantly nurtured when he sees families and residents who were once in physical and emotional distress become transformed by the Sunrise team. He loves to watch the residents experience joy once again. Knowing that he plays a pivotal role in this process by introducing them to Sunrise brings great purpose to his life.

In his spare time, David likes to travel to relaxing tropical locations, practice Transcendental Meditation, spend time with loved ones, exercise and make people laugh. 

Sunrise of Claremont, CA Catherine Alaniz

Catherine Alaniz

Resident Care Director

After spending several years as a hospital nurse, Cathy joined the team at Sunrise nearly five years ago.  She enjoys working with the residents and listening to stories about their fascinating lives.  She believes in the Sunrise mission and Principles of Service.

In her spare time, she loves to travel by plane, train or automobile.

Sunrise of Claremont, CA Elsie Mallari

Elsie Mallari

Medication Technician

For more than 15 years, Elsie has enjoyed talking with Sunrise residents and getting to know them.  She has a passion for her work and believes in the Sunrise Principles of Service.  

At home, Elsie enjoys spending time with her family.

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