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Sunrise of Decatur Testimonials

"Everybody I've talked to at your facility was awesome. The fact that you have a dog and a cat is awesome. The questionnaire was even awesome! All the other places I visited couldn't have cared less about my father. Everybody [at Sunrise] has been so great. It's like waking up from a bad dream and being in heaven. That's the honest to God truth. You guys are phenomenal. I'm really excited. I think my dad is going to get proper care, which will add years to his life. I'm very excited and happy with the  experience so far with your company at Sunrise. Phenomenal, phenomenal on a scale from 1 to 10 you get a 100. Very excited! Thank God there's a place like this to go to to take my elderly father to. Thank you very much."

- Mark G.

"I just wanted to say that I was very, very impressed with the community- it exceeded even my expectations as I have a lot of experience with senior living as a journalist, and [was therefore] very familiar with Sunrise. My mother liked it a lot too, which was also a bit of a surprise. She had been open to it, but recently she had been seeming to more prefer staying at home, but I think she definitely needed a higher level of care."

-  Anya M.

"Lovely, caring community.  Great location. Beautiful surroundings. Staff seems to be doing a great job caring for everyone."

- Susan B.

"My mother decided she absolutely had to move in one day earlier than planned. Tony went above and beyond to facilitate arrangements so that this could happen. Shirley and another staff member came to get her in the Sunrise van.  I have been impressed by the caring, respect and competence conveyed by the staff."

- Lynn Payne

 "The tour guide was an outstanding ambassador for Sunrise. She was extremely patient and answered all of our questions. Amazing example of hospitality."

- Carnell Williams
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