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Sunrise’s Younger-Onset Memory Care Program

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A Holistic Approach

Sunrise’s Younger-Onset Memory Care program is a person-centered program featuring a highly qualified support team for individuals, couples and families needing care and support for someone with younger-onset memory loss.

Sunrise’s goal is to empower and encourage residents with younger-onset memory loss to live a full and active life by encouraging them to:

  • Be active participants in their own care
  • Engage in activities that enrich the mind, body and spirit
  • Gain support from qualified staff and other residents experiencing similar challenges
  • Spend comfortable, quality time with family through support groups, weekly Sunrise social events and outings

Personalized Care for Residents with Younger-Onset Memory Loss

Younger-onset memory loss requires developmentally relevant programming that is more tailored than the programming provided for older seniors. To do this, we take special care to create an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) outlining residents’ specific interests and needs, updating it as necessary to reflect ongoing changes.

Sunrise’s Younger-Onset Memory Care programming offers residents more age-appropriate benefits, including:

  • Music, arts and cultural events
  • Cognitively stimulating items, book clubs and reading materials
  • Exercise and physical activity options
  • Support and guidance via integrated support groups and special programs for residents and family members

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