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Meet the Sunrise of Edmonds Team

We’re pleased to introduce you to some of the experienced, compassionate caregivers here at Sunrise of Edmonds, WA.

Kris BatisteKris Mason

Executive Director

Kris is a Licensed Nurse with more than 20 years experience in senior care. She has a passion for working with residents, their families, and team members, and has been an executive director for the last 18 years. At Sunrise of Edmonds, Kris has found a sense of home. She enjoys being involved with our residents and team members' daily lives. 

Outside of work, Kris enjoys reading, spoiling her puppy, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

mary watkinsMary Watkins

Director of Sales

"I have had the pleasure of serving families and seniors in a sales and marketing capacity since 2005. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family, connecting with friends, gardening, reading and baking."

Shalene.DOS_EdmondsShalene Hornish

Director of Sales

"I began my career in healthcare as a certified nursing assistant, I had the pleasure of taking care of resident firsthand before learning how difficult it can be for families to move their loved one into a senior living community.

I joined Sunrise in 2019 and have since been grateful to be a part of a Sunrise family that truly enjoys sharing the love, compassion, and happiness of our community with families who are helping their loved one find a new home. My favorite part of what I do here at Sunrise is knowing that each day brings something new, new people to connect with and new challenges to overcome. It brings me so much joy making personal and lasting relationships not only with our residents but also with their families, providing guidance in what usually are times of stress or heartache, allows me to find purpose in my every day. I start each day with a grateful heart, which makes it easy to say that the best part of working at Sunrise is simply being able to see the smiles and laughter coming from the residents as they are spending time with their new Sunrise friends. There is always something to smile about!

My work life balance in so important to me, in my spare time I enjoy short weekend getaways to the beautiful coast line, towering mountains, and gorgeous islands that we are surrounded by. You can always find me thinking of creative ways to renovate my home, I’m not one to shy away from getting down in the nitty gritty!"

Yodit AmbayeYodit Ambaye

Reminiscence Coordinator

Recently, Yodit was promoted to Reminiscence Coordinator after being an outstanding Designated Care Manager for several years at Sunrise of Edmonds. Yodit has many years of hands on experience caring for residents which guides her through making the best choices when it comes to resident care and team member appreciation.

Yodits favorite part of the big role she plays at Sunrise is getting the know the residents and making them laugh. She says “the best part of her job at Sunrise is seeing the true differences she and her team make in the lives of the residents they care for and their families”. She truly feels that the best part of working at Sunrise is being a part of a team that truly embodies the idea of teamwork and generosity.

In her spare time, she loves spending time volunteering at her children’s schools, relaxing with her husband, and doing yoga!

Brian LangstedBrian Langsted

Business Office Coordinator

"A Native to the PNW, Brian grew up near Carkeek Park and loved living near the Puget Sound. He has tons of experience in senior living, and started his career as a Reminiscence Coordinator at one of our California communities. For the past four years he was in the Business Office role at another community and even acted as an Executive Director while he helped transition the community to another company. He finds that his experience in multiple roles has allowed him to wear many hats and step in wherever needed within our community.

Along with his variety of experience, Brian has many skills that he brings to our Sunrise family If you need something organized, Brian is the one to ask! Being the Business Office manager holds a high responsibility for keeping the communities finances on track, making sure our team members have the tools they needs, helping families with financial resources, and so much more! Brian will tell you he loves every aspect of his position, his favorite part being that he has the opportunity to listen and cherish the stories our residents have and share them with our team members!

Things that keep Brian busy when he is not working is spending time with his little family, which includes his spouse, Jack of 26 years, and their beautiful dogs Gracie and Gabby. They also have 3 classic cars that they enjoy taking to local car shows every Summer!"

Meghan SchlosserMeghan Schlosser

Activities & Volunteer Coordinator

Meghan has been with Sunrise since 2019, with many years of experiences being a teacher, developing activity programs for senior living communities, and providing educational resource to those in needs, Meghan knows just what the residents need at Sunrise to live a healthy, active, and happy life!

Meghan enjoys everything about her role as Activities and Volunteer Coordinator, but her favorite part is building the connections with the residents. “There is nothing like being gone for a few days, walking into a resident suite and hearing them say "where have you been? I missed you!”  You can always find Meghan coming up with creative ideas to fit each resident individual interest.

Meghan enjoys spending time with her husband and their pets, volunteering at some of her favorite places, or being outdoors hiking and taking in the views.

Sunrise of Edmonds Meselech Fekede

Meselech Fekede 

Lead Care Manager

For the past eight years, Meselech has taken joy in providing care to residents at Sunrise of Edmonds. At Sunrise, the caregivers work together as a team to offer exceptional care.

Outside of work, Meselech likes to cook, walk and visit people.

Sunrise of Edmonds Nunu Kirby

Abeba “Nunu” Kirby

Medication Care Manager

Nunu has worked at Sunrise of Edmonds for 11 years and enjoys listening to residents share their life stories. She says this communication makes her job a joy.

In her free time, Nunu likes to read the Bible, listen to Christian music, and spend time with family and friends. 

Jody AllcottJody Allcott


The cheerful voice you’ll hear most days when you call Sunrise of Edmonds is Jody! Jody has been the Concierge at Sunrise since 2016.  She has many years of experience in office management, which has made her the perfect organizer! Jody keeps the whole team on track during our everyday tasks.

Jody takes so much pride in her role here at Sunrise. Her favorite part of working at Sunrise of Edmonds is being able to make sure the team is successful and provide the tools they need. Jody loves talking with the residents and family members each day.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her daughter watching movies and having her daughter show her how to navigate “Animal Crossing” on her new Nintendo Switch Lite - an early birthday gift from her daughter.

jill schaefferJill Schaeffer

Dining Service Coordinator

Jill is our culinary expert here at Sunrise of Edmonds! She joined Sunrise of Edmonds in 2005 originally as the Dining Service Coordinator, then expanded into the as the Assisted Living Coordinator, giving her experience with resident care and hands on experience of knowing what the residents enjoy. But her passion was in the kitchen, so after 4 years she moved back to be our Dining Service Coordinator where she has exceeded expectations and grown to be the outstanding leader in the kitchen! Jill's favorite part of her days is working with her amazing team and listening to the needs of the residents to help make their experience while dining unforgettable, every time! Jill enjoys being creative with her dishes by finding ways to display meals in a unique way, adding extra flavor to boost the taste, and ensuring that residents receive nutrition in other ways! In her spare time, you can always Find Jill on the water, kayaking, river rafting, you name it, she loves it! Especially with her daughter and grandkids!

karen chaffinKaren Chaffin

Resident Care Director

Karen has been a Registered Nurse since 1984, she started her adventure with Sunrise in 2004, ventured off for a few years and came back to Sunrise of Edmonds in 2015. You can always find Karen finding light in situations and spreading her contagious laugh throughout the community! Karen’s most enjoyable part of her position as Resident Care Director is her daily interactions with residents. She loves giving hugs and a smile to make their day a little better! “The best part of working at Sunrise is being a part of a great team that is so focused on healthcare. I feel so privileged to work with the such a great team. Everyone pitches in to make sure that all residents are satisfied and taken care of.” In her spare time, she enjoys spending time baking banana pudding, spending time with her husband, and volunteering at her church’s preschool, Karen loves children, and the young at heart!

Andy BertschAndy Bertsch

Maintenance Coordinator

Andy began his career with Sunrise in 2005 at a few Sunrise communities in California, then in 2019 we had the pleasure of welcoming Andy to Sunrise of Edmonds as our Maintenance Coordinator. Andy has several years of experience in the maintenance industry, you can find him fixing something, all day, every day!

His favorite part of the job is the variety of work he gets to do around the community in order to ensure our residents and team members have everything they need to make the community feel like home, is safe like home, and clean like home. Andy loves being able to interact with the residents and make them smile!

In his spare time, Andy enjoys lounging in the great outdoors, taking in the beautiful views and spending time with his wife.

Sunrise of Edmonds Norma GordivasNorma Gordivas


For nine years, Norma has enjoyed cleaning and organizing the Sunrise of Edmonds community. She says Sunrise is a fair and pleasant place to work. 

When she’s not working, Norma likes to spend time with her husband and two sons at home and enjoy the outdoors. 

terry johnsonTerry Johnson


Terry is one of our concierges who originally started as a volunteer at Sunrise of Edmonds in 2010 while working full time and returning to college receiving a degree and a certificate in Senior Services and Activities. After retiring from the phone company Sunrise called Terry and offered her the position of Life Enrichment Manager which she absolutely loved engaging and interacting with the residence in Memory Care. Eventually Terry was given the opportunity to become a concierge which she loves because she gets to; greet everyone who enters Sunrise, come to know ALL residents and their family members, and best of all be a part of the Sunrise Family. When Terry is not here, which she considers Sunrise of Edmonds her second home and her ‘Happy Place’, she can be found at her own home gardening or hanging out with her best friend – her dog Deka.

deka tsehayDeka Tsehay


One of our team members here at Sunrise of Edmonds is a lovely young lady by the name of Deka Tsehay. She accompanies her mommy, Terry (one of our concierges) every weekday afternoon to early evening and all day Sundays and Mondays sharing her love and cuteness to everyone. Deka is a 2 ½ year old Netherlands Kooikerhandje, one of only about 500 currently in the US. To share a little history on them Kooikerhondje (Old Dutch for “small cager dog”) was originally used as a working dog to lure ducks. Standing on the water’s edge very still with their tails held high the wind would move the tail like a feather luring the ducks. Kooikers were popular in the 17th and 18th Century and appeared in paintings of Rembrandt and Jan Steen. Kooikers bond closely with their people and love to be involved in whatever you are doing. So, if you have a chance to come to our Sunrise of Edmonds family watch out !!!.... Deka is sure to not let you get by her without a ‘hello’ and ‘petting’ from you.

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