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Our dining service coordinator, Mike Colter, has worked with several top chefs throughout his career including Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse, on their catering teams. He has been in the food industry for 18 years and has worked major events such as the Academy Awards and the Emmy's. He came to Sunrise because he wanted to get more satisfaction out of his job and says his most gratifying moment is seeing the residents' faces and satisfied smiles after meals.

His favorite dish to make is teriyaki glazed salmon because the residents love salmon. He enjoys working with all sorts of ingredients, with cilantro being his most favorite. When it comes to accommodating individual resident needs, Mike makes sure that not only are their dietary needs met, but that the food is delicious as well. For instance, if a resident requires a low-salt diet, he seasons their food with different ingredients to ensure the meal is flavorful and enjoyable.

Learn more about Sunrise Signature Dining by viewing our latest sample menu, a photo gallery of our delicious meals and our dining video.

Pureed Diet Options

We are pleased to share that we offer purees made with whole ingredients for residents who require the ease of a pureed diet. Learn more about our pureed diet options.

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