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Meet the Sunrise of Gahanna Team

Meet some of the outstanding members of our team here at Sunrise of Gahanna, OH.

David.ED_GahannaDavid Dusseau

Executive Director

"Hello my name is David Dusseau, I am the Executive Director at Sunrise of Gahanna. I had worked with Sunrise for 3 years prior to an acquisition and I am excited to be back with Sunrise! I enjoy working at Sunrise due to the culture and quality of care and life we provide to our residents. I started off my healthcare career as a concierge and activity assistant at a local Alzheimer's nursing home. I graduated from OSU with a Bachelors in Human Ecology. After completing my administrator in training internship I became a licensed nursing home administrator in 2002. In 2005, I started managing assisted living and memory care communities and have continued this passion since that time. 

I live in Worthington and have two children, a daughter in first grade and my son is in fourth grade. I'm originally from the Cleveland area and am a big Cleveland sports fan, love spending time with my family, traveling and going out to eat. I hope to meet you soon!"

Eva Simpson—Team Member since 2001 rsz_eva_simpson

Resident Care Director

"I started working at Sunrise of Gahanna in November, 2001. I was a caregiver and then received my bachelor's degree in Health Care Administration and Human Resources. Sunrise helped me go back to school and I am now a Registered Nurse. I transitioned to being the head of our nursing team in 2008. Since then I have continued to grow with Sunrise.

I am a job coach, I have been a Senior Float for my position in other communities and I help support other Sunrise communities in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. In 18 years, my experiences with Sunrise have brought me back to Sunrise of Gahanna. I love the team and the residents in this community. We're always growing and improving as a team, striving to be better for the residents to provide a quality experience. I love that Sunrise continues to move forward to develop the best senior living we can. 

In my free time, I'm very active in my church. I'm a board member for their preschool and I help the Sunday School. I work the family farm, we have lots of animals, horses in particular. My husband is a Staff Major with Highway Patrol. My kids are very active in baseball, softball, wrestling, civil air patrol, and the band. I have two kids. They are both teenagers, one in Junior High and the other is in High School. I've been married for 21 years to my husband and I have three fur babies (aka Dogs). I like to play Centipede the arcade game as well and I'm pretty good at it."

Tonya Parker—Team Member since 2004rsz_Tonya_parker

Resident Care Coordinator

"My name is Tonya Parker Resident Care Coordinator for Sunrise of Gahanna. I started my career at Sunrise of Poland February 4, 2004. I started as a Care Manager and June 2004 I was promoted to Lead Care Manager and took my position very seriously. In 2007, I won the Joy in Service Award, this was a great honor for me. 

In 2015, I moved to Columbus, Ohio and assisted with the opening of the Sunrise of Dublin community. On June 2, 2016 I was promoted to be Resident Care Coordinator position for Sunrise of Gahanna. Since my career with Sunrise, I have meet some wonderful people. I want to thank Kerry Collins the ED of Sunrise of Poland for seeing the potential in me. I love working for Sunrise Senior Living it is really a great company to work for."

yolanda stricklandYolanda Henderson—Team Member since 2001 

Activity and Volunteer Coordinator

Yolanda has served our residents at Sunrise of Gahanna since 2003. Prior to Sunrise, she spent 21 years working for a family-owned hardware store. Needless to say, Yolanda is committed to her work! 

According to Yolanda, her favorite part of her job is allowing residents to do something that they always loved doing. It could be as simple as eating a steak that has been mechanically modified, visiting their favorite restaurant, spending time fishing on a pontoon boat or traveling for a camping trip. The joy they experience makes all the work worthwhile. At Sunrise, Yolanda says, they really work as a team to make seniors’ lives better. 

In her spare time, Yolanda loves spending time with her granddaughters. She also enjoys hanging out with all of her family and hosting family gatherings such as Christmas and their annual camping trip over Labor Day weekend. She enjoys scrapbooking, playing in a euchre card club and cooking.

jonathan lorenzJonathan Lorenz—Team Member since 1997

Maintenance Coordinator

"I am the Maintenance Coordinator and have been a team member since December of 1997. I had a friend who worked here refer me to come on board. I started transporting residents for activities and special outings. After 3 years, I became the maintenance coordinator in the year 2000. I love the residents here at Sunrise and the family like atmosphere. It makes me feel at home.  

In my free time, I really enjoy singing and playing my guitar (sometimes I get to do it for the residents), and juggling. I used to be in a band. I love my family, I have a loving wife, and I am a new father as of Halloween 2018."

elizabeth pattonLiz Patton—Team Member since 2001

Business Office Coordinator

"I have been an employee at Sunrise of Gahanna since 2001. I started as an administrative assistant and concierge and transitioned to the position of business office coordinator in 2006 as part of sunrises pilot program and have been in that role ever since. 

I came to Sunrise of Gahanna because Jonathan, our maintenance coordinator, invited me to come and play the piano for the residents. He knows I love to play but I didn't have a way to do it. When I walked in and saw the community I looked at Jonathan and said “you work here?” I had worked in the hospitality industry and was very impressed. When Sunrise had an open position I applied immediately. I love the people here, you get to meet all kinds of team members, families, and residents. It's crazy but in a good way. You never know how one conversation you have with a person is going to change your life and its trajectory. I remember we had a resident here who would always stand by the front desk. He spent his day is chatting with me, he didn't have much family so we were it. He always told it like it was and spoke his mind. One day he started talking to me about some of the places he had traveled. He told me he had gone to see Mount Rushmore when there were only three heads! Little conversations like that change your perspective and they make you think. Every day is different and I love that about sunrise. 

Personally, I love to play the piano, I'm crafty and a GISHer (great international scavenger hunter). I grew up here in Gahanna is my home I'm very happy to be a part of this team."

updated liz collierLiz "Cookie" Collier

Dining Services Coordinator

"Hi, I am the Dining Services Coordinator here at Sunrise of Gahanna. I am one of the newest coordinators to our team, but I feel as if I have been with Sunrise forever. I found an ad for Sunrise online and didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I walked through the doors I knew I was in the right place. I love the team here. They're always willing to jump in and help out. We have great teamwork in the community. Even though I am the chef in our community, I also have a passion for cooking in my free time at home. Baking is my favorite, lots of desserts, especially with my grandchildren and especially “Cookies”. I have a special secret recipe that you may be able to sample if you come in for a tour. I am thrilled to bring my joy and passion for what I do to our residents each day. 

I am a proud grandmother, mother, and wife to her husband of 37 years. In life there are always ups and downs but in my time with my family, there is so much love and any challenges only bring us closer together."

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