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Meet the Sunrise of Gahanna Team

Meet some of the outstanding members of our team here at Sunrise of Gahanna, OH.

joanne team member sunrise of dublin

Jo-Ann Micciulla

Executive Director

“Prior to joining the Sunrise team in 2011, I worked as a director of an adult day care, a family liaison for a 200-bed facility, and as an occupational therapy assistant.

I love helping residents and families through their journey. At Sunrise, I’m proud to work alongside an incredible team.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with grandkids and do home improvement projects.”

Sunrise of Worthington Team Member Stephanie

Stephanie Pallai

Director of Sales

“I love working as a Director of Sales because I get the unique opportunity to be able to express to everyone what makes Sunrise so incredible. I truly enjoy being a resource for the families in their time of need and showing them how we champion quality of life for all seniors.

I initially came to Sunrise in January of 2015 for my team. I have such an amazing, tightly knit family here and I would not trade it for the world. Even in my short tenure with Sunrise, it’s obvious that our team members genuinely care about families, our residents and their team. I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to fill our building with lively seniors and share stories for years to come!”

michael varrone

Michael Varrone 

Dining Services Coordinator

Michael is the newest addition to the seasoned team at Sunrise of Gahanna. He joined the team in 2014 and took over daily operations in the kitchen as the Dining Services Coordinator.  

Michael says his favorite part of his role is teaching and working with the chefs here at Sunrise of Gahanna.   He prides himself on his ability to impart his extensive culinary knowledge and skillset to the frontline team in Gahanna so that they are able to better serve our residents in the dining rooms.  

Michael is an avid musician, and when he isn’t at Sunrise cooking and teaching, he can be found playing the piano or guitar.  He also loves to watch movies and, of course, cook.

yolanda henderson

Yolanda Henderson 

Activity and Volunteer Coordinator

Yolanda has served our residents at Sunrise of Gahanna for 15 years.  Prior to Sunrise, she spent 21 years working for a family-owned hardware store. Needless to say, Yolanda is committed to her work! 

According to Yolanda, her favorite part of her job is allowing residents to do something that they always loved doing. It could be as simple as eating a steak that has been mechanically modified, visiting their favorite restaurant, spending time fishing on a pontoon boat or traveling for a camping trip. The joy they experience makes all the work worthwhile. At Sunrise, Yolanda says, they really work as a team to make seniors’ lives better. 

In her spare time, Yolanda loves spending time with her granddaughter. She also enjoys hanging out with all of her family and hosting family gatherings such as Christmas and their annual camping trip over Labor Day weekend. She enjoys scrapbooking, playing in a euchre card club and cooking.

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