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Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise of Holbrook

Sunrise of Holbrook's Programming and Activities allow each resident to experience complete life enrichment. We invite you to view our week at a glance and month at a glance activity calendars, which promote the health of the mind, body and spirit. Our vibrant programs are fulfilling and encourage our residents to celebrate the joy of every day. We help seniors live the life they want to live. Stop by a community and join one of our many daily senior activities so you can experience the Sunrise Difference.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - September 16
9:15 am Outing to Good Shepard Church w/ Brittany & Joanne
10:00 am Sit & Get Fit w/ Theresa (Activity Room-1hr)
10:30 am Coupon Cutting (Bistro-30mins)
11:15 am Catholic Services w/ Good Shepard Church (Activity Room- 30 min)
1:30 pm Card Sharks w/ Ronan (Bistro-1hr)
2:00 pm Baking Class w/ Brittany (Activity Room-1hr)
2:45 pm Sundae Funday Social w/ Ronan( Bistro- 30min)
3:30 pm Trivia w/ Ronan (Bistro -1hr)
6:30 pm Movie & Popcorn w/ Cassandra ( Activity Room- 1.5hr)
6:45 pm Creative Coloring w/ Cassandra (Bistro-1hr)
7:00 pm Evening Social & Meditation w/ Cassandra ( Bistro 30 min)
Monday - September 17
8:45 am Breakfast Outing w/ Brittany & Joanne
10:00 am Sit & Get Fit w/ Theresa (Activity Room -45 min)
11:00 am Memory Lane w/ Brittany (Activity Room-30mins)
1:30 pm Craft Corner w/ Brittany (Activity Room-1hr)
2:15 pm Family Feud w/ Sadie (Bistro -1 hr)
3:00 pm Afternoon Social w/ Brittany (Bistro- 30min)
3:30 pm Bingo Bonanza (Bingo Room - 1hr)
6:00 pm Piano Music w/ Roberta (Piano- 1hr)
6:30 pm Movie & Popcorn w/ MarieLose (Activity Room- 1.5hr)
6:45 pm Crazy Crosswords w/ MarieLose (Bistro-1hr)
7:15 pm Evening Meditation & Social w/ Donna (Bistro- 30min)
Tuesday - September 18
9:15 am Arts & Crafts w/ Eileen (Activity Room- 2hr)
10:00 am Chair Exercises w/ Alison (Activity Room- 30min)
11:00 am Word Game w/ Cheryl (Activity Room- 1hr)
1:15 pm A Day At the Sunrise Spa w/ Cheryl (Activity Room-1hr)
1:30 pm Movie Matinee (Activity Room-1.5hr)
2:15 pm Bread Baking w/ Cheryl (Bistro-1hr)
3:30 pm Bingo w/ Donna(Bingo Room- 1hr)
6:30 pm Movie & Popcorn w/ Helen(Activity Room (1.5hr)
6:45 pm Spill & Spell w/ Helen (Bistro-1hr)
7:15 pm Evening Social & Reminiscence w/ Helen (Bistro-1hr)
Wednesday - September 19
9:45 am Zumba Fitness w/ Jeanine (Activity Room-1hr)
11:00 am A Day at Sunrise Derby (Activity Room-1hr)
1:30 pm Laughter Yoga w/ Brittany & Joanne (Activity Room-1hr)
2:30 pm Waffle Wednesday w/ Brittany & Cheryl (Bistro-1hr)
3:30 pm Bingo w/ Phyllis (Bingo Room- 1hr)
6:00 pm Movie & Popcorn (Activity Room- 1.5 hr)
6:45 pm Chicken Soup for the Soul (Bistro-1hr)
7:15 pm Evening Social (Bistro-1hr)
Thursday - September 20
9:30 am Knitting & Crocheting w/ Toni(Activity Room- 1hr)
10:00 am Whats New in the News (Bistro-1hr)
10:30 am Meet Me at the Moma w/ Eileen( Activity Room- 1hr)
1:30 pm The Carriage Museum Outing w/ Brittany & Joanne
2:15 pm Afternoon trivia w/ Anna(Bistro- 1hr)
3:00 pm Afternoon Social w/ Anna (Bistro-30mins)
3:30 pm Bingo w/ Anna (Bingo Room- 1hr)
3:30 pm Music Appreciation (Bistro-1hr)
6:30 pm Rosary Club w/ Sadie & Helen (Activity Room - 30min)
6:45 pm Colorful Creations w/ Helen (Bistro-1hr)
7:00 pm Movie & Popcorn w/ Helen(Activity Room- 1.5 hr)
7:15 pm Evening Social w/ Helen (Bistro-1hr)
Friday - September 21
10:00 am Sit & Get Fit w/ Cheryl (Activity Room -45 min)
10:30 am Puzzle Mania (Bistro-1hr)
10:30 am The Price is Right w/ Cheryl (Activity Room-1hr)
1:30 pm Yoga w/ Bonnie ( Activity Room 1 hr)
1:45 pm Crossword Mania (Bistro-1hr)
2:45 pm Snack & Social w/ Cheryl (Bistro 30 min)
3:30 pm Bingo w/ Cheryl(Bingo Room -1hr)
6:00 pm Evening Movie w/ Helen(Activity Room - 1.5hr)
6:15 pm Bible Study w/ Pastor Steve ( 30min Bingo Room)
6:45 pm Word Searches w/ Helen (Bistro-1hr)
Saturday - September 22
10:00 am Sit & Get Fit w/ Cheryl (Activity Room-1hr)
10:30 am Can you Name 5 w/ Cheryl (Bistro-1hr)
11:00 am Flower Arranging (Activity Room- 30min)
1:30 pm Lucky Strike Bowling w/ Cheryl (Activity Room- 1 hr)
2:30 pm Music Appreciation (Bistro-30mins)
3:00 pm Snacks & Social w/ Marrianne(Bistro- 30min)
3:00 pm Bingo w/ Cheryl (Bingo Room- 1hr)
6:30 pm Movie & Popcorn w/ MarieLose(Activity Room- 1.5hr)
6:45 pm Spill & Spell w/ MarieLose (Bistro-1hr)
7:15 pm News Currents SR. & Social w/ MarieLose (Bistro- 1hr)
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