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Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise of Huntington Beach

Sunrise of Huntington Beach's Programming and Activities allow each resident to experience complete life enrichment. We invite you to view our week at a glance and month at a glance activity calendars, which promote the health of the mind, body and spirit. Our vibrant programs are fulfilling and encourage our residents to celebrate the joy of every day. We help seniors live the life they want to live. Stop by a community and join one of our many daily senior activities so you can experience the Sunrise Difference.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - February 19
9:30 am Chapel Service in Assisted Living
10:30 am Church Bus Trip St Jude
1:00 pm Bingo
3:00 pm Art and Illustration
3:00 pm Beachside Bus Tour
6:30 pm Classic Movie Night
Monday - February 20
9:30 am Tai Chi in Assisted Living
11:00 am Arts and Crafts
1:00 pm Living With Generosity: Knots of Love
1:15 pm Sight Seeing
2:00 pm Triaminoes
Tuesday - February 21
9:30 am Zumba Class
10:30 am Music Therapy in Assisted Living
1:30 pm Out Shopping to Albertson's
3:30 pm Spa Hour (Hand Massages & Nails)
6:30 pm Bible Study with John and Mary in TC
6:45 pm Bingo With Dean
Wednesday - February 22
10:00 am Weight Exercise with Mindy
10:00 am Bank Outing
11:00 am Beginners Painting Studio
1:30 pm Flower Arranging
3:00 pm Live Music and Munchies Starring Calvin Coker
6:00 pm Black Jack
6:30 pm Black Jack with Kawana
Thursday - February 23
9:30 am Walking With Friends
10:00 am Fitness Fun in Assisted Living
10:30 am Trivial Trivia and Hydration in Assisted Living
11:00 am Shadow Box Art
1:00 pm Bingo
3:30 pm Happy Hour! with Friends and Family
Friday - February 24
9:50 am Catholic Communion in Assisted Living
10:30 am Movie Outing
1:00 pm Nail Art
3:00 pm Bunco with Tabitha
6:30 pm Friday Night Flick
Saturday - February 25
10:00 am Chair Bootcamp
11:00 am Arts and Crafts/ Shadow Boxes
1:00 pm Bingo
3:00 pm Music Trivia and Snacks with Ayran
6:30 pm Standup Comedy Saturdays

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