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Dining at Sunrise of Huntington Beach, California

Our dining services coordinator, Andy Villarreal, regularly delights our residents with one of his favorite dishes to make: green chili pork tamales with Puerto Rican rice and fried bananas. He will be the first to tell you that pork shoulder is his favorite ingredient to work with in the kitchen because of its versatility. “You can make it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can serve it with gravy, chili sauce, put it in a burrito, use it as a filling for a savory meat-filled empanada and all of it tastes terrific. C’mon, I know your mouth is watering!” And we would have to agree.

Villarreal most recently met with a resident to accommodate her needs for a low-acid diet and regularly meets with residents and their families to better understand how he can accommodate their tastes and preferences on the menu. Having recently lost his mother-in-law to Alzheimer’s, Villarreal said, “It really brought home just how important our job is.” Villarreal looks forward to many more years ahead of providing nourishment for our residents at Sunrise of Huntington Beach. 

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Pureed Diet Options

We are pleased to share that we offer purees made with whole ingredients for residents who require the ease of a pureed diet. Learn more about our pureed diet options.

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