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Meet the Sunrise of Mississauga Team

MelanieMelanie Pereira

Executive Director

"I have been in sales for over 20 years but my most rewarding and loved role in my career has been in Senior Living. Being a part of an organization that truly champions the quality of life for all seniors has been incredibly impacting.

The cornerstone of our care model is that each of our Residents are treated with dignity and value, regardless of their cognitive or physical limitations. These last few years at Sunrise of Mississauga have been an absolute joy as I am provided the opportunity to introduce our industry leading care to families and influencers in our community. Watching our Residents live such fulfilled lives and live with purpose once again is so very rewarding. I am honoured to consider Sunrise of Mississauga my second home."

Krissah AstorahKrissah Astorga

Resident Care Director

"I have been working with seniors for 5 years and my experience with Sunrise has been very enriching, knowing I share the same values as Sunrise’s Principles of Service of celebrating individuality and encouraging freedom of choice.  Sunrise has now become my second home. The sense of accomplishment I feel every day is indescribable knowing I am making even a slightest difference in our residents and families’ lives. It is truly an honor to join their journey and collaborating with their families in touching their lives just as they have touched ours."

ChishimbaMusonda.RC_MississaugaChishimba Musonda

Reminiscence Coordinator

"My 11 years of experience in providing care for seniors have been fulfilling and the most enjoyable part has been working at Sunrise of Mississauga. I have embraced the mission aimed at championing the quality of life for all seniors and I love my role in aiding seniors in reminiscing life stories. I am delighted to be part of a team that shares my core values of passion, joy in Service, stewardship, respect, and trust. I enjoy my work and believe that if you enjoy your work, you will never work a day in your life."


Mercelyn Taylor-Lyn

Lead Care Manager

“I have a passion for care and love for our residents. It is a joy leading my team each and every day with motivation and inspiration. It is a comforting atmosphere for seniors like no other. Many things have changed, but our principles of service have remained the same. Thank you, Sunrise, for your love for seniors.”

ChristineSimmill.DOS_MississaugaChristine Simmill

Director of Sales

"My career with Sunrise began 11 years ago and Sunrise of Mississauga is where I discovered my passion for senior care. After 8 years assisting in the Marketing office, I welcome this one-year opportunity of working as Director of Sales and look forward to continue introducing families to this next-best-place-to-home called Sunrise. Sunrise’s personalized senior care is industry leading, unique and dignified. The cornerstone of our care model is that we treat our residents with absolute dignity and value, no matter their cognitive or physical limitations. There is much life to live, and our community of caring, serving hearts truly works collectively to create pleasant days and enhance resident quality of life. Sunrise principles of service are in line with my personal core values, and are the reason I have chosen to fulfill my career in Senior Care with Sunrise."

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