Sunrise of Monterey

Meet the Sunrise of Monterey Team

billy mitchell montereyBilly Mitchell

Executive Director

"I have been the Executive Director of Sunrise Senior Living of Monterey since late 2019. Before taking this position, I was an Administrator for a Home Health agency and before that I was an Administrator for a hospice.

Working in operations usually means I don’t get to spend much time with residents or patients. My job at Sunrise, however, encourages Executive Directors to spend time with our residents and develop relationships with them. That’s why I got into healthcare and is still my favorite part of the job! I never feel alone at Sunrise. I’ve never received as much support as I have here. I’m grateful for all the support I receive.

Most of my time outside Sunrise is spent with my wife and four kids. I love to play sports with them. I also love to travel and explore interesting places with the family."

michelle arroyoMichelle Arroyo

Business Office Coordinator

"I have been with Sunrise since late 2019. My favorite part of the job thus far has truly been having the ability to help our residents and team wherever I can. The best part of working at Sunrise are the relationships I get to build with residents, family members and our team.

In my spare time, I love to be with my family, either outdoors or in the kitchen."

juliana acuyan montereyJuliana Dacuyan

Activities & Volunteer Coordinator

"I’ve been at Sunrise since October 1, 2019, 5 months now. I previously worked as an elementary school teacher for 23 years.

Chatting with the residents is really my favorite part of the job! Hearing their life stories about careers, hobbies, family & travel, and chatting with them about their current opinions on news highlights, movies they’ve recently watched, learn about music they enjoy, and favorite meals!. I love to hear their jokes and laugh with them! The best part of working at Sunrise is being part of a group of colleagues who spend time daily with every resident they meet to listen, help, laugh with, often holding a resident’s hand for comfort & reassurance, and sharing daily life with team members and residents alike. It really feels like a uniquely interesting and diverse family!

I am an avid hiker and traveler. I play guitar and sing, I sketch and paint with watercolors. I love to throw dinner parties and host game nights."

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