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Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise of New City

Sunrise of New City's Programming and Activities allow each resident to experience complete life enrichment. We invite you to view our week at a glance and month at a glance activity calendars, which promote the health of the mind, body and spirit. Our vibrant programs are fulfilling and encourage our residents to celebrate the joy of every day. We help seniors live the life they want to live. Stop by a community and join one of our many daily senior activities so you can experience the Sunrise Difference.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - April 22
9:00 am Televised Mass (AR)
10:00 am Sunday St. Augustine Mass w/Michael
10:15 am Sunday Services & Communion w/Eucharistic Minister (A.R)
1:00 pm Daily Chronicles and New Currents w/Michael (B)
2:00 pm Exercise Essentials w/Vaina (B)
2:30 pm Tech time w/AJ (AR)
2:30 pm Community Service for Everyone w/Michael! (B)
3:00 pm Wine, Cheese & Crackers Social (B)
3:30 pm Men Club w/Michael (B)
4:00 pm Go 4Life Walking Club (CD)
6:00 pm Evening Musical Special "Country" (AR)
6:30 pm Brownies and Milk Social and Sanford & Son (TV) (AR)
Monday - April 23
10:00 am Bingo Bistro w/Mylande (B)
10:30 am Bible Study Group w/Wendy (Media Room)
10:30 am Trivia w/Loveline (B)
11:00 am Yomenco Party w/Bruce VanHorn (B)
11:30 am Go4Life Walking Club w/Marie C (L/Act) (CD)
1:00 pm Bible Study w/Yolanda (MD)
1:30 pm Crossword Puzzle w/Betty (B)
3:00 pm Winter Warm-Up (Hot Cocoa & Cookies) Social (B)
3:30 pm The Reminiscing Game w/Betty (B)
4:00 pm Hangman w/Betty (B)
6:30 pm English Tea and Biscuit Social and The Odd Couple on TV (AR)
Tuesday - April 24
10:15 am Exercise Essential with Noodles w/Flora (B)
11:00 am Art and Craft w/Miriam (AR)
1:00 pm Bible Stories w/Joe Daryl (LR)
1:15 pm Stein Therapy and Singing Entertainment (AR)
2:30 pm HealthPro Discovery Series w/Anila (AR)
3:00 pm Popcorn Social (B)
3:15 pm Discussion Group w/Erika (AR)
4:00 pm Go4 Life Walking Club wVania (L/Act) (CD)
6:30 pm Sweet Treats Social and Family Feud on TV (AR)
Wednesday - April 25
10:00 am Bingo w/Marie A (B)
11:00 am Tech Time w/Erika (AR)
1:15 pm Daily Chronicles and News Current w/Erika (AR)
1:30 pm Board and Card Games w/Flora and Erika (AR)
2:00 pm Doris Kaiser Art Class (AR)
3:00 pm Cool Cones Ice Cream House Social
3:15 pm Evening Movie Classics (AR)
3:45 pm Staying Healthy/Tai Chi w/John (B)
6:30 pm Swiss Chocolate Social and Wheel of Fortune (AR)
Thursday - April 26
8:30 am Joe's Fresh & Fruitful Waffles Thursday (DR)
10:00 am Exercise Essential with Noodles w/Marie P (B)
10:30 am Dominos and Card Games w/Marie P (B)
11:00 am Bingo w/Rose (B)
1:00 pm Go4Life Walking Club w/Miriam (CD)
2:00 pm Daily Chronicles and News Current w/Ariel (AR)
2:30 pm Trivia Pursuit w/Ariel (AR)
3:00 pm Angel Cake with Coffee Social (B)
3:15 pm CVS Trip w/Erika and Jean
3:15 pm Wordsearch w/Ariel (AR)
4:00 pm Sing A-long w/Darline (B)
6:00 pm Evening Night Movie (AR)
6:30 pm Mediterranean Night Social and Jeopardy on TV (AR)
Friday - April 27
10:00 am Go4Life Walking Club w/Rose (CD)
10:45 am Staying Healthy/Tai Chi w/John (L/Act) (3rd Floor)
11:30 am Sports Wii w/Erika (AR)
1:00 pm TALK TIME w/ Anne & Ann
2:30 pm Daily Chronicles & Discussion Group w/Ariel (B)
2:45 pm Brain Games w/Ariel (B)
3:00 pm Champagne & Chocolate Cover Strawberries Social (B)
3:15 pm "Reel to Real" Movie Night w/Cheryl (AR)
4:30 pm Exercise Essential w/Burna (B)
6:30 pm Tacita de Cafe Social
Saturday - April 28
9:45 am The Rosary Society w/Michael (PDR)
10:00 am Hangman w/Michael (B)
10:30 am Go4Life Walking Club w/Marie A (CD)
11:00 am Wordsearch Game w/Michael (B)
1:00 pm Trivia Pursuit w/Michael (B)
1:30 pm Daily Chronicles and News Current w/Michael (B)
2:00 pm Michael's CULINARY CLUB (B)
3:00 pm Beer & Soft Pretzels Social (B)
4:00 pm Exercise Essentials w/Macdane (L/Act) (LR)
6:00 pm Evening Musical Special "Opera" (AR)
6:30 pm Evening Get-Together Delicious Treats (B)
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