Sunrise of Northville

Our Personalized Pricing Model

There are many factors to consider when choosing a senior living community, and we know cost is an important one.* Every aspect of our care and services is highly personalized to best fit the needs and preferences of our residents; our community’s pricing reflects this, and your daily rate will consist of the following:

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Suite Type

We offer a variety of floor plan options, allowing you to choose just the right amount of space that fits your needs and lifestyle. Check out our floor plan pricing below.

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Care Level†

Before you move in, one of our nurses will meet with you to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your health needs, in order to determine your care level. Your care price is in addition to your chosen suite and will reflect your assessed care needs.

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Additional Services

Some services, including medication management and continence products, are priced separately from your care level. Depending on your assessed needs, some additional service fees may apply.

Suite Types & Rates

  • Bedroom

    Studio Suite

    350 sq. ft.
    starting price
  • Bedroom

    One-Bedroom Suite

    400 sq. ft.
    starting price
  • Livingroom

    Two-Room Suite

    445 sq. ft.
    starting price

Care and Services, Customized to You

Because we tailor our support to you, our offerings are never one size fits all. Prior to move-in, one of our nurses will work alongside you and your physician to conduct a comprehensive geriatric assessment. Your daily care rate will be calculated based upon this assessment.

In order to meet your specific needs, Sunrise of Northville offers the following levels of care.

Learn more about our care levels below, or take our Care Questionnaire to help determine your needs.

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Community Testimonials

My mother had been so resistant to making this move from her home where she and my father lived for 50 years. Once my father passed it became apparent to our entire family how lonely mom had become without dad!  Once she made the move into Sunrise we noticed how very uplifting this was for mom. Her physical and mental demeanor changed in a positive direction. The team had developed a plan for her personally to find out about her interests, food preferences, etc. and were able to make my mom feel so very welcome and loved at Sunrise.

Residents' daughter

Very satisfied with my mother's care. I feel she is safe and happy. The staff show her a lot of love.

Resident’s child

There are many great things about Sunrise. There is a comfort level that has been established on day one that leads us not to worry. The staff is outstanding and the care is over the top. The menu and the quality of food is also outstanding.


*Pricing is subject to change without notice. One-time move-in fee may apply. For exact cost, please contact our community. 

The appropriate care level of each resident can only be determined by a healthcare professional through a comprehensive assessment. Assessments are conducted regularly, and a resident’s care level may increase if more care is required based on the resident’s most recent assessment. The resident shall be responsible for the cost of the increased level of care when he/she begins receiving such service.