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taylor rolder aedTaylor Rolder

Executive Director

"Senior Living has been my passion for years, largely due to enjoying being a resident advocate and ensuring that residents are receiving the best quality of life possible. I began my career in this field over 10 years ago in independent living and never looked back. 

Our residents, especially here at Palos Park, are full of knowledge, experience, culture, and have the most unique histories. I am continuously learning from them. The values and lessons they provide me with daily are irreplaceable. Here at Sunrise, I am beyond myself at the joy that our team members and coordinators have in providing our residents with the quality care and more that they deserve."

Jenna Campbell | Director of Sales at Sunrise of Palos Park

Jenna Campbell –Team Member since 2009

Director of Sales

“I love coming to work and seeing our residents smile and hearing their unique stories of their families and friends they grew up with. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to learn from our residents and take what I have learned from them and apply it to my day to day life outside of Sunrise. As much as I hope to make an impact on their lives, I hope they know how much of an impact they have made on mine.

I chose Sunrise because of the outstanding reputation Sunrise has in our community. From the amazing care managers to our devoted nurses and coordinators, each one of our team members makes such a positive impact on our residents’ lives that I am truly blessed to be working with such a great group of people.”

Veronica Hunt | Reminiscence Coordinator at Sunrise of Palos Park

Veronica Hunt –Team Member since 2003

Reminiscence Coordinator

"I love working with our residents because I love their amazing stories they have to share. Since joining Sunrise in 2004, I've really enjoyed working with dementia and Alzheimer's residents because each day is different and you get to experience a new side of them each day.

I chose Sunrise because I love the ambiance, and how Sunrise creates pleasant days for everyone. I truly love how Sunrise sticks by their mission "to champion the quality of life for ALL seniors."

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