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Meet the Sunrise of Petaluma Team

We’re pleased to introduce you to some of the excellent members of our team who make our community such a great place to call home. 

erin carlson petaluma team member

Erin Carlson

Executive Director

Erin Carlson joined the Sunrise team in December of 2006.  Prior to serving with Sunrise, she spent more than a decade working in senior living. Erin enjoys inspiring and motivating the team members who work at Sunrise to reach their highest potential, knowing that exceptional team members are the reason Sunrise is able to provide a high quality of life to its residents. She chose Sunrise because of the mission and culture in the organization. 

Erin is an avid reader with an adventurous passion for travel.  She has backpacked through Europe and taken more than a dozen cruise vacations, with the calling of her next exploration always close at hand.  Whether traveling or staying home, Erin’s deepest love is the life she shares with her two young daughters, her husband and their sweet pug!

karen coyle petaluma team member

Karen Coyle

Reminiscence Coordinator

Karen Coyle began her career in senior living as a devoted care manager in 1998. That experience inspired Karen to work toward her current role as Sunrise of Petaluma’s exceptional Reminiscence Coordinator. With a background in skilled nursing and a dedicated passion for seniors with memory impairment, Karen leads her team in building a foundation of respect and advocacy for seniors.  

Karen’s favorite Principle of Service is Encouraging Independence. Through her attentive leadership and Sunrise’s holistic program that benefits the mind, body and spirit of each resident, Karen has built a foundation of remarkable leaders at our community. 

elena martinez petaluma team member

Elena Martinez

Senior Lead Care Manager

Elena has been a valued team member of Sunrise of Petaluma since 2007.  She is passionate about empowering, guiding and supporting her team when it comes to providing the best care for our residents, particularly our Reminiscence residents who may not be able to voice their personal needs or frustrations.  She is driven and motivated to be steadfast in the Sunrise mission to champion the quality of life for seniors.  

When she’s not spending her moments with her Sunrise family, her greatest joy is to be with the other loves of her life: her beautiful son and daughter.  “I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing team. Everyone is like family - always supportive and willing to help. You just feel at home,” Elena said.

joann sheldon petaluma team member

Joann Shelden

Lead Care Manager

In 1999, we welcomed Joann Shelden to Sunrise of Petaluma.  Upon meeting Joann, you can feel the love she has for our residents and their family members. She receives such joy seeing the residents’ smiling faces each day. You will always find Joann supporting and bonding with our residents, whether it’s participating in activities with them or just having quiet, trusting moments.  “I am glad to be a part of a great team that is always willing to work together,” she said.

belvia robbins petaluma team member

Belvia Robbins

Activity & Volunteer Coordinator

Belvia Robbins joined the Sunrise of Petaluma team in April of 2002.  Nurturing the Spirit is Belvia’s favorite Sunrise Principle of Service, and you will find her offering comfort, reassurance and a sense of purpose to our residents each and every day.  Her mission has always been to provide an environment where Sunrise residents thrive. She encourages every resident to live life to its fullest by exploring new possibilities that will enrich their mind, body and spirit. 

Belvia’s serving heart is a true contribution to the quality of life, continued happiness and emotional growth of our beloved residents at Sunrise of Petaluma.

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