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Meet the Sunrise of Unionville Team

Olga Sen | Executive Director

Olga Sen

Executive Director

“The residents at Sunrise of Unionville have so much to teach about what matters most.  I’m grateful to them for helping me set priorities in my own life and reminding me to spend time with the people who matter most.  It’s a blessing to be in their company.

When I first began my journey with Sunrise, an executive shared the Sunrise mission at a meeting:  “To champion the quality of life for all seniors.”  Then he stressed that this applies to ALL seniors – not just the ones living at a Sunrise community.  That’s when I knew I was with the right people.”

Caroline Cosentino | Director of Sales

Caroline Cosentino

Director of Sales

“I love working with the residents and families of Sunrise of Unionville because every situation is unique and each person has a touching story to share.  I’ve had the best experiences learning, listening and connecting.

Sunrise calls its residences ‘communities’ and, after serving seniors for more than 12 years, that is exactly what I have found here – a community.”

Susan Box | Life Enrichment Manager

Susan Box

Life Enrichment Manager

I smile and say hello every morning to start the residents’ day and mine. A hug or a pat goes a long way. I love telling them stories about my life and listening to their stories.

Susan has been at the community since April 2012 and says she loves her job as Life Enrichment Manager because she is able to fulfill our mission of championing the quality of life for all seniors. She says the residents are like family and she does her very best to enrich their lives every day.

Susan says a walk outdoors with the residents is a great way to get conversations flowing as well as a chance to exercise and enjoy some fresh air. She also assists residents in setting the tables and folding linens, which she says helps them feel helpful and part of a family. “It always seems that we are one big happy family here at Sunrise of Unionville.”

What Susan’s team members say about her:

“As ‘Captain Team Spirit’ during our super hero theme day, Susan was a hit! She helped our team win the overall summer events and got all our residents involved too! Our residents absolutely love Sue!”
– Andrea, Reminiscence Coordinator

“Susan is hard-working and dedicated. She is very dedicated to Sunrise and our mission. She understands and is aware of our residents and their needs. She sees a resident and is in tune with what they want at that time and does her best to fulfill their wishes.”
– Jodron, Medication Care Manager

Van Nguyen | Activity Volunteer Coordinator

Van Nguyen

Activity Volunteer Coordinator

“I love making a positive difference in someone’s life and Sunrise has given me the opportunity to do that on a daily basis.  

A smile can go a long way, and that’s something that people at Sunrise of Unionville never stop doing.  It makes for an inviting and warm environment.”

Hyacinth Tyrell | Medication Care Manager

Hyacinth Tyrell

Medication Care Manager

“The great thing about working here at Sunrise is the unity among residents, families and team members.  We have a special bond.  It’s a home away from home.  
I felt a sense of welcome when walked through the front door of Sunrise of Unionville 14 years ago, and I have been encountering that same feeling ever since.”

Zinat Yousuf | Designated Care Manager

Zinat Yousuf

Designated Care Manager

“Being part of the Sunrise team is such a rewarding experience and, during the past 10 years, I have come to know this beautiful community as my second home.

I’m proud of the choices Sunrise offers its residents.  Some of our residents can no longer do things they used to do, but that doesn’t mean that they should not have a voice.  I love that I am given the time and opportunity to offer my residents choices:  red vs. white wine, red vs. blue shirt or steak vs. chicken – no matter the scenario, it is always their choice.”
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