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Meet the Sunrise of Upper St. Clair Team

Meet some of the talented members of our team here at Sunrise of Upper St. Clair, PA. 

Tamara Erny | Lead Care Manager

Tamara Erny

Lead Care Manager

Tamara has been serving our residents and their families since August of 2008. She has spent her Sunrise career as part of the team in our Reminiscence Neighborhood.  She loves that fact that she spends her work days taking care of others.  

Encouraging Independence is Tamara’s favorite Sunrise Principle of Service. She spends her days ensuring that her residents find a sense of purpose in their life by providing them with the framework to make independent decisions throughout their days.  

"I love being a part of our team here at Sunrise of Upper St. Clair,” Tamara said. “I believe everyone has something special to bring to the table and I love seeing how all of our differences come together and make us an amazing team!” We are lucky to have someone like Tamara to serve and love our residents. 

Cheryl Drake, LPN | Wellness Nurse

Cheryl Drake, LPN

Wellness Nurse 

Cheryl has spent the past 11 years working as an LPN with the senior population. She joined Sunrise in April of 2014 as part of our wellness team. 

Every day, Cheryl looks forward to coming to work to help ensure that our residents have pleasant days. She believes that communication is a key. Involving Family and Friends is her favorite Sunrise Principle of Service. 

“In having the responsibility of taking care of our residents, I believe that our families need to be included in all areas of their loved ones’ needs,” Cheryl said. She can always be found out and about throughout the community, talking with and caring for our residents.  They would surely agree that Cheryl is an asset to this community, as do we!

Patty Kramer | Lead Concierge

Patty Kramer

Lead Concierge

Patty is a staple here at Sunrise of Upper St. Clair.  She was part of the opening team at our building in February of 2005. 

For many, Patty is the first face they will see when being introduced to Sunrise.  When considering our Sunrise Principles of Service, Celebrating Individuality

is her favorite. “I enjoy getting to know the residents’ personalities and their individual celebrations in life,” Patty said. “Everyone is a unique person working their way through life.”  Her years of service prove her dedication to what Sunrise stands for and we are grateful for her.

Tiffany Lovejoy | Lead Care Manager

Tiffany Lovejoy

Lead Care Manager

Tiffany joined our Sunrise team in August of 2013 as a care manager in our Personal Care Neighborhood. Though this is where her senior living career has started, she is now in pursuit of a nursing degree with the hope of being able to continue her Sunrise career.  

Tiffany is a true advocate for the Sunrise mission. She believes that Preserving Dignity is the most important of our Sunrise Principles of Service. “It is my belief that each resident deserves the utmost respect in taking care of their daily needs,” Tiffany said. “Each resident is very special to me and I treat them as I would my own family.  I look forward to being able to spend quality time with them each and every time I step into the community.”

Jamie Hess | Activities and Volunteer Coordinator

Jamie Hess

Activities and Volunteer Coordinator

Jamie joined the Sunrise team as a care manager in March of 2010.  She has a natural way of connecting with our residents and took on the role as Activities and Volunteer Coordinator shortly after joining our team.  

“I have the best job in the whole world,” Jamie said. “It is my goal every day to make my residents happy.  What could be better than that?!”  

Jamie’s favorite Principle of Service is Nurturing the Spirit. Jamie finds a way of honing in on the unique needs and interests of our residents, which is reflected in the variety of activities she plans.  

“I love really getting to know the residents and providing them with opportunities to truly express themselves. Whether it’s through art, music or movement, my hope is that our residents find solace in knowing that they are truly special and have so much to share with the world.”

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