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Meet the Sunrise of Westfield Team

sean meuerleSean Meuerle

Executive Director

Sean has been the Executive Director for Sunrise of Westfield since 2019. Before he joined the Westfield team, he was in the Sunrise EDIT (Executive Director in Training program) for 2 years! Sean has been in an Executive role since 2017, so he knows a thing or two on how to get things done!

His favorite part of his position with Sunrise is the extraordinary people he works with every day; the residents, their families, and team members. He is honored to be able to share each day with them. “The best part about working at Sunrise is carrying out the mission of Sunrise Senior Living: 'To Champion Quality of Life for all Seniors.' With Sunrise, that mission is not just words, it is our priority."

In Sean's spare time, he roots on his sports teams: NY Giants and NY Yankees! He enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and children, and supporting his local community.

darnett thomasDarnett Thomas

Reminiscence Coordinator

Darnett is our outstanding Reminiscence Coordinator at Sunrise of Westfield, and has been with our team since 2009. Darnett has many years of hands on experience caring for residents which guides her through making the best choices when it comes to resident care and team member appreciation. 

Darnett's favorite part of the big role she plays at Sunrise is getting to know the residents and making them laugh. She says, “the best part of her job at Sunrise is seeing the true differences she and her team make in the lives of the residents they care for and their families.” She truly feels that the best part of working at Sunrise is being a part of a team that truly embodies the idea of teamwork and generosity.

In her spare time, she loves spending time volunteering at her children’s schools and trying new restaurants!

amanda moranAmanda Moran

Assisted Living Coordinator

Amanda joined the team at Sunrise of Westfield at the end of 2020. She transferred from our Staten Island location where she began her career with Sunrise in 2013 as a Designated Care Manager. She did such a wonderful job taking care of the residents that she was promoted to Reminiscence Coordinator in 2016, and from there she explored more opportunity as an Assisted Living Coordinator. Her experience allows her to see care in a different way, manage her team through their eyes, and provide excellent customer services to our families.

Her passion and what she enjoys most about her role with Sunrise is providing the level of service that she would give to her own loved one. “My heart is firmly planted in the Sunrise mission. When it comes to championing the quality of life of all seniors, I always strive for excellence. I do my best to fulfill each resident’s needs and ensure that quality care is given to everyone who walks through our doors."

In her spare time, Amanda cherishes spending time with her two daughters, exploring the great outdoors with her two doggos, and cheering on the NY Mets!

billy carolanBilly Carolan

Business Office Coordinator

Billy has been our Business Office Coordinator since 2016. Along with his variety of experience, Billy has many skills that he brings to our Sunrise family. If you need something organized, Billy is the one to ask! Being the Business Office manager holds a high responsibility for keeping the community’s finances on track, making sure our team members have the tools they needs, helping families with financial recourses, and so much more! 

Billy will tell you he loves every aspect of his position; his favorite part being that he has the opportunity to listen and cherish the stories our residents have and share them with our team members! 

Things that keep Billy busy in his spare time are enjoying time with his family, exploring new cities, and watching his favorite TV shows.

saturn diazSaturn Diaz

Maintenance Coordinator

Saturn began his career with Sunrise of Westfield in 2017 as our dedicated Maintenance Coordinator. Saturn has several years of experience in the maintenance industry, and you can find him fixing something, all day, every day! Before he joined the team at Sunrise of Westfield, he worked for a contractor for 20 years who specialized in many Sunrise buildings, so you could say he knows the ins and outs of the building! Saturn is motivated by the residents; they praise him with thank you notes, which encourages him to go above and beyond! 

His favorite part of his job is the variety of work he gets to do around the community in order to ensure our residents and team members have everything they need to make the community feel like home, is safe like home, and clean like home. Saturn loves being able to interact with the residents and make them smile! 

In his spare time, Saturn enjoys lounging in the great outdoors, taking in the beautiful views, and spending time with his wife.

shawn Shawn

Dining Service Coordinator

Shawn is our culinary expert here at Sunrise of Westfield. Before joining our team at Sunrise, Shawn was in the Navy as a Cook on boats for 4 years. He joined Sunrise in 2007 as a chef and, 2 years later, he was promoted to our Dining Service Coordinator! He has a true passion for bringing life to every meal for our residents and is a true leader in the kitchen! 

Shawn's favorite part of his day is working with his amazing team and listening to the needs of the residents to help make their experience while dining unforgettable every time! Shawn enjoys being creative with his dishes by finding ways to display meals in a unique way, adding extra flavor to boost the taste, and ensuring that residents receive nutrition in other ways! 

In his spare time, Shawn enjoys watching the sports games, caring for his African Cichlids, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

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