Sunrise of Wilton

Meet the Sunrise of Wilton Team

Rob TangelRob Tangel

Area Director of Community Relations

"I have been in the senior care industry for 9 years.

My favorite part of the job is knowing that I helped someone today! The best part of Sunrise is the amazing team atmosphere and the ongoing training to make you an expert at helping seniors and their families. 

In my free time, I love listening to music, attending concerts, sporting events, and spending time with my family!"

Nicole AshbyNicole Ashby

Resident Care Director

"I have been working for Sunrise for three years and eight months. Prior to my current position as RCD, I have worked in another Sunrise community for over three years as the RN Designee.

My favorite part of the job is interacting with and caring for the residents. Each resident is from various backgrounds and has their own unique story to tell. They each have different needs which gives me the pleasure to formulate individualized care-plans to meet their required care.

The best part about working at Sunrise is that we are not just numbers or name on a desk. We are treated like family. I am loved and respected by my peers and residents.

I utilize my spare time to work with the youth of my church by teaching them how to give back to the community. I also volunteer on a monthly basis in the health department to assess vital signs for the elderly and give referral as needed for follow up evaluation."

Amanda GlendinningAmanda Glendinning

Resident Care Coordinator

"I have been with Sunrise Senior Living since 2019. Prior to Sunrise, I had my own mental health-consulting agency, which focused on holistic mental wellness utilizing my psychology background, nutrition, and exercise.

My favorite part of my job is helping empower people to be as independent as possible.

The best part of working at Sunrise is the amazing team that is focused on helping seniors live their best lives.

In my spare time, I love to run (including marathons), cycle, and travel."

Jennifer RamsauerJennifer Ramsauer

Business Office Coordinator

"I have been with Sunrise since 2019. In my role as Business Office Coordinator, I am able to use my decades of Business/People Skills and assist with the successful operation of our community.

There are two aspects of the job that I love. First, interacting with a resident and hopefully making them smile during the course of their day. Second, working with this Wilton Team. They are all professional, caring and intelligent.

Being new to Assisted Living, I can honestly say the perpetual training has given me a sense of security on how to react and being prepared for working in the Assisted Living environment. In addition, being part of a team that acknowledges that we’re all learning and it’s ok to ask for a help is comforting.

In my spare time, I love reading - whenever I get the chance!"

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