Sunrise on Connecticut Avenue

Assisted Living Activities at Sunrise on Connecticut Avenue

Our Sunrise Live With Purpose™ programming enriches residents’ minds, bodies, and spirits. Whether it’s expressing creativity through art, getting active with fitness classes, or learning something new, our residents enjoy a variety of activities that appeal to their personal interests.

Take a look at the programming and activities we offer in our community and learn more about how we’re welcoming brighter days.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - July 3
10:30 am "Meet The Press" (TV Show) Club
10:30 am Exercise Essentials
11:00 am Documentary: Life in Color
12:00 pm Catholic Communion with Mike
2:00 pm Great Courses: Masterworks in American Art
3:00 pm Family and Friends Social
3:00 pm Bingo for a Cause
4:00 pm Indoor Walking Club
6:30 pm Evening Movie
Monday - July 4
10:30 am Exercise Essentials with Weights
11:15 am SingFit® with Alyssa
12:00 pm 4th of July Cookout
2:00 pm Movie Matinee
3:00 pm Afternoon "Chef's Choice" Social
3:00 pm Live Music: Jazz Duo
6:30 pm Evening Movie
Tuesday - July 5
10:30 am Exercise Essentials with Darlene
11:00 am Relaxation and Meditation
11:15 am Newscurrents: This Week in History
2:00 pm Art Journaling with Alyssa
2:00 pm Comedians on the Big Screen - Billy Chrystal
3:00 pm Afternoon Chit Chat Social
3:30 pm Classical Music Concert on the Big Screen
6:30 pm Evening Movie
Wednesday - July 6
10:30 am Light Exercise with Jill
11:00 am Guess Who? With Jill
2:00 pm Total Brain Health with Dave
3:00 pm "Wine" Down Wednesday Social in the Bistro
3:30 pm Hot Topics with Jill and Alyssa
4:00 pm Ken Burns: History of Baseballl
6:30 pm Evening Movie
Thursday - July 7
10:30 am Exercise Essentials with Weights
11:00 am Indoor Walking Club
11:00 am Ted Talks
2:00 pm Flower Arranging with Alyssa for the Dining Room
3:00 pm Chef's Social - Live With Anticipation Club Check-In
3:30 pm Virtual Bike Ride - Stationary Cycling
6:30 pm Evening Movie
Friday - July 8
10:30 am Exercise Essentials
11:00 am NewsCurrents: Faces and Places with Jill
11:30 am Catholic Communion with Blessed Sacrament
2:00 pm Armchair Travels Club
3:00 pm All Community "House" Social
3:30 pm Live Music: Vincent Borelli, Guitarist
4:00 pm Jigsaw Puzzle Club in the Parlor
6:30 pm Evening Movie
Saturday - July 9
10:30 am Exercise Essentials with Darlene
11:00 am National Geographic Club
2:00 pm Scenic Ride with Dennis
2:00 pm Opera Club
3:00 pm Family and Friends Social
3:30 pm Indoor Walking Club
6:00 pm Share your Stories with Jeanette
6:30 pm Evening Movie
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