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At Sunrise Villa, we encourage you to spend your days doing what you love. So whether that’s joining in on some daily workouts (often led by fellow residents), spending time gardening in our courtyard, or relaxing with our community dog, Gigi, we are proud to offer our Live With Purpose programming schedule so you can enjoy pleasant days.

Our activity calendar is designed to support your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through eight focus areas, including exercise, excursions, art, music, education, intergenerational mentoring, community service, and spirituality.

Check out this week’s activity schedule, and we invite you to drop in for an activity anytime.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - May 19
7:30 am Eastside Christian Church
8:45 am First Church of Christ
8:45 am Friends Christian Church
8:45 am EvFree Fullerton Church
9:30 am Placentia Presbyterian Church
10:00 am St. Joseph's Catholic Church
6:00 pm Prayer Warriors with Nise
Monday - May 20
8:45 am Aquamotion
9:00 am Piano with Pat
10:00 am Weights & Endurance
10:30 am Coffee, Donuts & The Weekly Review
1:00 pm Water Pong
1:00 pm Mah-Jong with Bonnie
2:30 pm B-I-N-G-O
3:30 pm Words with Words
3:30 pm Margarita Monday Social
Tuesday - May 21
8:45 am Longevity Stick Class
9:15 am Catholic Communion
9:30 am Medical Appointments
9:45 am Senior Topics with Mark
10:30 am Wheel of Fortune
10:30 am Nail Therapy with Cheryl
1:30 pm Texas Hold 'em Poker
2:30 pm Stretch & Aerobics
3:30 pm Skee-Ball Golf
6:00 pm Bible Study
Wednesday - May 22
9:00 am EvFree Bible Study: Closer Walk
9:00 am History of Humor with Nikki
9:15 am Sunshine Committee: Good Deeds
10:00 am Weights & Endurance
10:30 am Life Story Club Luncheon: Last Names H-J
1:00 pm Piano with Perry
2:20 pm Scenic Drive with Ali
3:30 pm Words with Words
6:00 pm St. Joseph's GIFT Group
Thursday - May 23
9:30 am Medical Appointments
9:45 am Indoor Lawn Darts
10:00 am Bridge Group with Bonnie
10:30 am Rummy 500
1:00 pm Music with Moses
2:30 pm Stretch & Aerobics
3:30 pm B-I-N-G-O
6:00 pm Saddleback Worship
Friday - May 24
9:00 am Go4Life Walking Club: Tri City Park
10:15 am Strength & Balance Class with Emili
1:00 pm Blackjack Club
1:15 pm Trip to the Movies
2:00 pm Indoor Bocce Ball
3:30 pm Happy Hour
6:00 pm Evening News
Saturday - May 25
9:30 am Living Room Bowling
10:30 am Shopping at Trader Joes
10:30 am Mercer Island Schools Orchestra
1:00 pm Sunrise Showcase
1:30 pm Birthday Present Bingo
3:30 pm Words with Words
6:00 pm Evening News
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