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Our activities programming is vibrant and reflects the interests and preferences of our residents here at Sunrise Villa Culver City. Card games, happy hour, and shopping trips are some of the favorites.

Additionally, our Live With Purpose programming is a signature of Sunrise and plays a crucial role in the vitality of our Sunrise Villa communities. Our activity calendar is designed to support your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through eight focus areas, including exercise, excursions, art, music, education, intergenerational mentoring, community service, and spirituality.

Check out this week’s activity schedule, and we invite you to drop in for an activity anytime.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - January 20
10:00 am Balloon Pong
10:30 am Catholic Prayer
10:45 am Rubber Block Printmaking
1:30 pm Sunrise Cinema
2:00 pm Seven Up
3:45 pm Bingo Bash
Monday - January 21
10:00 am Strength Training with David
10:45 am Social Hour with Sherri & JJ
1:30 pm Quiddler
2:15 pm Knitting Club at Culver City Julian Dixon Library
2:45 pm Arts & Culture Corner
3:45 pm Crossword Challenge
6:20 pm Sunrise Cinema
Tuesday - January 22
10:00 am Body-Mind Tune-Up with Bruno
11:00 am Board Game Cafe
1:30 pm Crafters Corner
2:30 pm Rummy Tile - RL
3:45 pm Jeopardy Live!
5:00 pm Chef's Dinner
6:30 pm Sunrise Cinema
Wednesday - January 23
10:00 am Strength Training with David
10:45 am Tots 2 Seniors
1:30 pm The Getty Villas
2:30 pm Hot Cocoa Bar Chats
3:45 pm Bingo Bash
6:30 pm Sunrise Cinema
Thursday - January 24
9:45 am Balloon Pong
10:20 am GrandPals
11:00 am Resident Program Meeting
1:30 pm Five Crowns
2:45 pm ASL with Sahar
3:45 pm Happy Hour with Rex Perry
6:30 pm Sunrise Cinema
Friday - January 25
10:00 am Strength Training with Karin
10:45 am Off to the Shops: Vons & 99 Cent Store
1:30 pm Seven Up
2:45 pm Kabalat Shabbat with Nachum
3:45 pm Flourishing Florists
6:30 pm Sunrise Cinema
Saturday - January 26
10:00 am Moving to Music
10:45 am Quiddler
2:00 pm Fit n Flow Yoga
3:00 pm Ice Cream Social
3:45 pm Timeless Trivia
6:30 pm Sunrise Cinema
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