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Our programming schedule is determined by the interests and preferences of our residents here at Sunrise Villa Salinas; some favorite community activities include our annual karaoke contest, Casino Night, and our daily Tai Chi exercise class.

Additionally, our Live With Purpose programming is a signature of Sunrise and plays a crucial role in the vitality of our Sunrise Villa communities. Our activity calendar is designed to support your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through eight focus areas, including exercise, excursions, art, music, education, intergenerational mentoring, community service, and spirituality.

Check out this week’s activity schedule, and we invite you to drop in for an activity anytime.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - August 20
8:45 am Church Transportation
10:30 am Sunday Bingo
1:00 pm Sunday Matinee
2:00 pm Creative Arts
3:00 pm Vesper Service w/ St Paul's Episcopal Church
3:30 pm Black Jack
3:30 pm Exercise
Monday - August 21
9:30 am Morning Stroll
10:30 am Giant Crossword Puzzle
1:00 pm Yahtzee!
1:10 pm Wii Golf
1:15 pm Shopping CVS/ Nob Hill
2:30 pm Skip-bo
2:30 pm Skip-bo
3:00 pm Tai Chi w/ Liana
4:00 pm UNO
Tuesday - August 22
9:30 am Sittercise w/ Connie
10:30 am Morning Stroll
11:00 am Resident Activity Meeting
1:30 pm BINGO
1:30 pm Bank Outing
3:30 pm Wine down w/Maddaline
Wednesday - August 23
9:30 am Sittercise w/ Connie
10:00 am Bridge
10:30 am Coffee Social/ Current Events
3:30 pm Black Jack
Thursday - August 24
9:30 am Sittercise w/ Ruby
10:15 am Coffee Social/ Call out the Answer
10:30 am Catholic Communion
10:45 am Wii Golf
11:00 am Afternoon Stroll
1:30 pm BINGO
3:30 pm Luau
Friday - August 25
9:30 am Sittercise w/ Connie
10:00 am Morning stroll/walk
10:00 am Scenic Drive
10:30 am UNO
1:30 pm BINGO
3:00 pm Yahtzee!
Saturday - August 26
9:30 am Morning Stroll
10:30 am Giant Crossword Puzzle
11:00 am PO KE NO
1:00 pm Wii Bowling
1:15 pm Pretty Nails
2:30 pm Kings Corner
3:30 pm Rotten Apples

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