Sunrise Villa San Jose


At Sunrise Villa San Jose, our activity calendar is reflective of our residents’ interests and hobbies, and include a variety of events, including Opera Night, lunch outings, exercise programs such as chair bootcamp, matinee movies, shopping outings, and live entertainment performances.

Our Live With Purpose programming is a signature of Sunrise and plays a crucial role in the vitality of our Sunrise Villa communities.

Check out this week’s activity schedule, and we invite you to drop in for an activity anytime.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - April 22
10:45 am Weight Workout
1:45 pm Bingo
1:45 pm TV Series Marathon (Movie Room)EP:4 Eternity how long
2:30 pm Outdoor Walking Group
3:00 pm Nathan & Friends Christian Service
3:30 pm Weird & Fun Facts
Monday - April 23
9:00 am Dr Appointments today all day
9:30 am Sharing The News w/Doc
10:45 am Bootcamp w/James
1:30 pm Indoor Walking Group
1:30 pm Travel w/Kenny
1:45 pm Bingo
3:30 pm Nail Spa
6:15 pm Classic Western Movies :true grit (1969)
Tuesday - April 24
9:30 am Sharing the News w/Michelle
10:00 am Shopping
10:45 am Stretch & Flex
12:00 pm Go for LIFE Stroll
1:30 pm Scenic Drive
1:45 pm Bingo
3:00 pm Memories threw Music
6:15 pm Movie Night (Black&White Classics)The snows of kilimanjaro
Wednesday - April 25
9:30 am Sharing the News w/Audrey
10:30 am Lunch Outing to Treasure Island
10:45 am Weight Workout
12:00 pm Go for LIFE Stroll
1:45 pm Bingo
2:30 pm Outing to the Bank
3:00 pm Sunrise Auction! Auction!
6:15 pm Movie Documentary :Navy seals the untold story
Thursday - April 26
9:00 am Dr Appointments today all day
9:30 am Sharing the News w/Audrey
10:45 am Stretch & Flex
1:45 pm Bingo
2:00 pm Town Hall Meeting (for staff)
3:00 pm Sing-a-Long W/Margaret
4:00 pm Wheelchair/Walker Cleaning
5:00 pm Evening Stroll
Friday - April 27
9:30 am Sharing the news w/Doc
10:00 am Catholic Service
10:45 am Weight Workout
1:00 pm Book Club w/guest speaker Heather Haven
1:30 pm Travel w/Kenny
1:45 pm Jeopardy w/Gary
2:00 pm Movie suggestion meeting
3:00 pm Wii Bowling
3:00 pm Happy Hour W/Conrado
6:15 pm Musical Movie:Newsies
Saturday - April 28
9:30 am Reminiscing
10:00 am Bible Study
10:00 am Yoga/Meditation
10:45 am Sit and be Fit
1:00 pm Helping w/Technology
1:45 pm Bingo
1:45 pm Movie Matinee:Mr. Man
3:00 pm Braingames & Ice Cream Social
3:45 pm Go for LIFE Stroll
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April 2018
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