Sunrise Villa San Ramon


At Sunrise Villa San Ramon, our activity schedule is vibrant and varied—we offer more than 200 activities each month, including many options for dancing lessons (a favorite of our residents), as well as opportunities to stay fit. Our environment is happy and engaging, and we focus on our residents’ well-being and personal health goals.

Additionally, our Live With Purpose programming is a signature of Sunrise and plays a crucial role in the vitality of our Sunrise Villa communities.

Check out this week’s activity schedule, and we invite you to drop in for an activity anytime.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - May 19
8:30 am & 10 Church Shuttle- RSVP
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:30 am LIfe in the Ocean Trivia
1:00 pm Sunrise Showcase
2:00 pm Poker-RL
2:00 pm Painting Class w/ Students
3:00 pm Piano with Stanley Eng
4:15 pm Happy Hour
7:30 pm Tri Valley Youth Ensemble
Monday - May 20
9:00 am Trader Joes- RSVP *New Time
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:30 am Rummikub-RL
10:30 am 5 Crown Card Game-RL
2:00 pm Afternoon Bingo
2:15 pm Bank Run-RSVP *New Time
2:15 pm Safeway- RSVP *New Time
3:30 pm Wheel of Fortune w/ prizes
4:00 pm Cozy Conversation Corners- 3 Locations VC,ML
Tuesday - May 21
9:00 am Bible Study
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:30 am Zumba Dance
10:30 am Sequence Game-RL
11:00 am Brain Games
2:00 pm Shakespeare's Continued Reading MacBeth
2:00 pm Bridge/ Phase 10-RL
3:00 pm Guitar & Sing Along w/ Mike Thelen
Wednesday - May 22
9:45 am Pleasanton Walmart- RSVP
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:00 am Strength & Flexibility w/ Ann Marie
10:30 am Rummikub-RL
10:45 am You Be The Judge
10:45 am Guided Meditation w/ Rashana (Exercise Rm)
1:30 pm -3:30 FREE Hearing Aid Cleaning -RSVP
2:00 pm 5 Crown Card Game-RL
2:00 pm Tai Chi *Date Change this Month
2:00 pm Men's Club- Poker-RL
2:00 pm Bingo *Villa Ct Dining Rm
2:15 pm Local Errand Run- RSVP
3:30 pm Cornhole Toss Games
4:15 pm Piano w/ student Ai Deng
Thursday - May 23
9:30 am -11:30 Artist Alcove-RL
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:30 am Sequence Game-RL
10:45 am Sit & Share & Reminisce
2:00 pm Ambassador Meeting
2:00 pm Pinochle- RL
2:00 pm Bridge-RL
2:00 pm Bingo Blitz w/ popcorn
2:15 pm Pharmacy Pick UP-RSVP
3:30 pm Macroons & Chocolate Cookies w/ Manuel
5:00 pm Dinner: Bridge RSVP
Friday - May 24
9:00 am Rosary Prayer-RL
9:45 am Blackhawk Museum - RSVP
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:00 am Blood pressure *Note Time
10:30 am Bowling
10:30 am Rummikub-RL
2:00 pm Phase 10 -RL
2:00 pm Poker-RL
2:00 pm Bible Fellowship w/ Erick
3:00 pm B-Day Social w/ Pianist Eric Stoddard
4:15 pm Happy Hour
7:30 pm Evening Bingo
Saturday - May 25
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:30 am Mexican Train Dominoes
10:30 am Arm Chair Travels: DVD
2:00 pm Cribbage-RL *NEW TIME
2:00 pm Political Discussion Group
2:30 pm Sunrise Showcase
3:00 pm Sing Along w/ Ed Davin
7:30 pm Evening Movie
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