Sunrise Villa San Ramon


At Sunrise Villa San Ramon, our activity schedule is vibrant and varied—we offer more than 200 activities each month, including many options for dancing lessons (a favorite of our residents), as well as opportunities to stay fit. Our environment is happy and engaging, and we focus on our residents’ well-being and personal health goals.

Additionally, our Live With Purpose programming is a signature of Sunrise and plays a crucial role in the vitality of our Sunrise Villa communities.

Check out this week’s activity schedule, and we invite you to drop in for an activity anytime.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - July 22
8:30 am & 10 Church Shuttle- RSVP
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:30 am Amazing Animal Trivia
1:00 pm Sunrise Showcase
1:00 pm Poker-RL
1:30 pm Painting Class w/ Students
3:00 pm Americiana Bluegrass w/ Dix Bruce & Julie Cline
4:15 pm Happy Hour
Monday - July 23
9:00 am Walmart RSVP
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:30 am Rummikub-RL
10:30 am 5 Crown Card Game-RL
1:30 pm Whole Foods- RSVP
1:30 pm Afternoon Bingo
2:30 pm Bank Run-RSVP
3:00 pm Glass Tile w/ Cafe Arts
4:00 pm Therapy Dog Visit "Bijou"
Tuesday - July 24
9:00 am Bible Study
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:30 am Yoga
10:30 am Sequence Game-RL
11:15 am Brain Games
1:00 pm Bridge/ Phase 10-RL
1:00 pm Optical Illusion
1:30 pm -3:30 FREE Hearing Aid Cleaning
2:30 pm Refreshments
3:30 pm Social w/ Drinks in VC
Wednesday - July 25
9:45 am Pleasanton Walmart- RSVP
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:30 am Rummikub-RL
10:45 am You Be The Judge
1:00 pm Men's Club- Poker-RL
1:00 pm 5 Crown Card Game-RL
1:00 pm Villa Jeopardy
1:30 pm Local Errand Run- RSVP
2:00 pm Strength & Flexibility w/ Ann
3:00 pm Grilling in Courtyard w/ Juliane & Manuel
7:30 pm Evening Bingo
Thursday - July 26
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:15 am Exercise w/ Jeff
10:30 am Sequence Game-RL
11:15 am Sit & Share & Reminisce
1:00 pm Bridge-RL
1:00 pm Pinochle- RL
1:00 pm Pool- All Players
1:30 pm Bingo Blitz w/ popcorn
1:30 pm Pharmacy Pick UP-RSVP
2:00 pm Ambassador Meeting
2:00 pm -4 Podiatry Visit- RSVP
3:00 pm Celebration of Life Services- Alice Trotta
Friday - July 27
9:00 am Rosary Prayer-RL
10:00 am Morning Exercise
10:30 am Bowling
10:30 am Rummikub-RL
11:30 am Blood pressure
1:00 pm Poker-RL
1:00 pm Phase 10 -RL
1:30 pm Bible Fellowship w/ Erick
3:00 pm Music & Movement w/ Dr. McCollum
4:15 pm Happy Hour
7:30 pm No Evening Bingo Due to Set Up
Saturday - July 28
9:00 am -1 White Elephant & Furniture Sale- Scholarship Fundraiser Event
10:00 am Morning Exercise *Note Location
10:15 am Exercise w/ Jeff
10:30 am Mexican Train Dominoes
11:00 am Arm Chair Travels: DVD *Note Location
1:00 pm Cribbage-RL
1:15 pm Sing Along w/ Ed Davin *Notel Location
2:30 pm Sunrise Showcase
3:30 pm Mini Putt Putt Golf
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