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Providing Senior Care For Over 35 Years

We've devoted 35 years to refining our resident-centered care, building the most passionate and skilled teams who get to know our residents, and filling every community with the special touches of home.

Community Leadership

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Working together to provide residents with excellent service, The Colonnades Executive Director, Managers, Community Life Coordinators, and front-line Team Members all learn our residents’ unique preferences to ensure residents experience the utmost respect including the preservation of their dignity and spirit. Our standards for employing Team Members are of the highest caliber – we make sure they have “serving hearts” and complete specialized training programs so we can give you the peace of mind you need to carry on with your day.

See what some of The Colonnades Team Members say about work and life at The Colonnades:

“Working at The Colonnades has offered me the unique opportunity to indulge in the wisdom bestowed upon a great generation. I am blessed to be able to share my beautiful workspace with such brave and wonderful people. I cannot put a price tag on what I gain from working with folks like this.”
- Jon, Recreation Assistant

“I love working at The Colonnades because I am valued and appreciated.”
- Trina, Healthcare Coordinator

“I love working at The Colonnades because of the core values of the company. They are genuine in what they believe in, and I can certainly see that amongst the team members as I encounter them. It’s the overall core values of the whole company - they have a true genuine willingness and readiness to serve people.”
- Angelica, Reminiscence Coordinator

“I enjoy working at The Colonnades because of the family atmosphere. It excites me to come to work every day because I feel genuinely valued and appreciated by residents and team members.”
- Robin, Nursing Services Manager

“The residents are why I come to work every day. They give me purpose. Just having a connection with residents…seeing them smile, hearing them laugh and just spending time together brings me joy!”
- Kim, Security

“I like working here at Sunrise Senior Living because of the residents and the staff members here. They are both very enjoyable to work with and around. I enjoy coming to work because of them. Everyone here is very kind to each other and everyone else.”
- Violet, Dining Room Server

Community Leadership“I enjoy working at The Colonnades very much. I have worked for Sunrise Senior Living for a year and a half and it has been a great start to an exciting career here. Sunrise is an enjoyable place to work, especially with strong involvement of family and friends. Each day residents have endless opportunities for amazing time with activities and other community involvement. Being able to see all of the residents with smiles on their faces is an important part of my day.”
- Brandon, Housekeeping/Special Projects

“Working here at The Colonnades each and every day gives me a sense of fulfillment, no matter how stressful my day may be or what deadline is approaching - it comes down to a feeling that I was able to help a resident.”
- April, Community Relations Associate