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Providing Senior Care For Over 35 Years

We've devoted 35 years to refining our resident-centered care, building the most passionate and skilled teams who get to know our residents, and filling every community with the special touches of home.

Programming & Activities

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ActivitiesIf life is about making choices, then the “good life” is about having a spectrum of classes, clubs, entertainment and events to choose from – programming and activities that enrich the mind, body and spirit. The Colonnades residents enjoy participating in our ongoing clubs and activities, whether it’s a book club, playing cards, or current event discussions. The Colonnades team members host regular cultural and continuing education programs. Whether you love music, dance, art or science, there are always stimulating lectures and classes – opportunities to continue learning and experiencing new things. We also offer planned outings to area shopping, entertainment and artistic events, and historical and heritage attractions in surrounding areas including Washington D.C. and Richmond, VA.

Week at a Glance

Sunday - June 18
8:30am * St. Thomas Aquinas
9:40am * St. Paul's Episcopal
9:40am * Thomas Jefferson Memorial
10:05am *Meadows Presbyterian
11:30am Fathers Day Music with Deloy Moore
1:30pm Sunday Movie
5:00pm Vespers
7:30pm Sunday Movie
10:00pm Movie - Ch. 971
Monday - June 19
9:00am "Well Balanced" Class
9:00am "Jaws" Water Aerobics
10:00am Pool Monitoring
10:00am Advanced Fitness
11:00am "Jaws II" Water Aerobics
11:00am Sit To Be Fit
1:00pm Duplicate Bridge
1:15pm The Colonnades Singers
1:30pm Needleworkers
7:30pm Monday Night with The Arts: Sleeping Beauty
Tuesday - June 20
9:30am Aerobics to Music
12:00pm Tai Chi, Strength & Balance
1:00pm Duplicate Bridge
3:00pm "Understanding a Stroke" with The Therapy Team
3:00pm Play Reading Group
6:45pm *Municipal Band
7:30pm Live Performance by Jim Lilly & The Sunnyside Band
Wednesday - June 21
9:00am "Well Balanced" Class
9:00am "Jaws" Water Aerobics
10:00am Pool Monitoring
10:00am Advanced Fitness
11:00am "Jaws II" Water Aerobics
11:00am Sit To Be Fit
11:15am Investment Group
1:15pm Mexican Train Dominoes
1:30pm Sara Robinson's Poetry Group
3:00pm Video Series: The History of the United States
7:00pm Jeopardy
8:30pm Wednesday Movie
10:30pm Wednesday Movie
Thursday - June 22
9:00am Bible Study
9:30am Aerobics to Music
10:00am Fitness Room Instruction
10:30am My Life in Written Words
11:00am Sit To Be Fit
11:45am Bookmobile
12:00pm Stretch, Tone & Yoga
12:30pm - 1:30 ~ Convenience Cart
1:00pm Mahjong
2:30pm Root Beer & Creamsicle Float Social
7:15pm Poker
7:15pm Bingo
Friday - June 23
8:00am Breakfast Buffet
9:00am "Jaws" Water Aerobics
9:30am Bocce
10:00am Pool Monitoring
10:30am Meditation Group
11:00am "Jaws II" Water Aerobics
11:15am *Out To Lunch at "Vinny's Italian Grill"
1:00pm Bridge
2:00pm *Driving Tour of Charlottesville
7:30pm Film Festival: The Keen Katherine Hepburn
Saturday - June 24
10:30am Brightsiders Social Group
1:00pm "Rummikub"
1:15pm Mexican Train Dominoes
1:30pm Saturday Movie
7:30pm Saturday Movie
10:00pm Saturday Movie
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