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Providing Senior Care For Over 35 Years

We've devoted 35 years to refining our resident-centered care, building the most passionate and skilled teams who get to know our residents, and filling every community with the special touches of home.

Resident Committees

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This portion of the website shares words from Quadrangle residents who initiate and manage the day-to-day activities that enrich our lives. Reading these words will give you a good picture of life at the Quadrangle. So welcome website visitors. We look forward to greeting you soon at The Quadrangle.

Joe Hocky,
President of The Quadrangle’s Residents Association

Our Philosophy

Over the years, The Quadrangle’s residents have developed a broad, strong sense of community responsibility. The active participation of a large proportion of our residents is a keystone of life at The Quadrangle. Within months after the first residents arrived, they decided that no hired Activities Director was needed, that residents preferred to choose, plan, organize and carry out their own activities. That decision has held, and the result has been the rich variety and diversity of resident-initiated and -run activities we have today.

Letta Schatz,
Former President of The Quadrangle’s Residents Association

Resident Action Programs

We believe Quadrangle is unique because our programs and activities originate solely from these resident committees. The Quadrangle residents have established more than 60 committees and interest groups to run a full array of activities that make our community an exciting place to live – there is art, music, lectures, sports and more! Committees provide an opportunity for interested residents to organize and implement a wide-ranging program of events throughout the year. Every day resident-planned activities are offered and come to fruition through the work of committees and logistical support by The Quadrangle Management team. Our calendar is always full! When new residents join us, we encourage them to apply their special knowledge and expertise by participating in activities and finding committees to join that fit their interests.

Ceil Frey,
Chair of the QRA Web Committee