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With so much going on at The Quadrangle, a number of committees are directly concerned with communication.

In-House TV Channel 78

Our Channel 78 in-house TV system provides continual daily announcements, seven days a week. It carries a running scroll of scheduled activities at The Quadrangle including morning exercise classes, group meetings, afternoon programs, dinner menus, evening lectures, music and concert performances, movies, special events and holiday notices.
Ed Wodka is the Chair and Operator.

Auditorium A/V Committee

The Quadrangle features a number of different ways for our residents to use communication skills or technical abilities. Our Auditorium A/V committee handles the multi-faceted audio and visual system that supports performances and visits from speakers, entertainers and other resident activities. Hearing assistance devices are available and a “Loop System” is available for those with Telecoils in hearing aids.
Steve Phillips is the Chair.

Bulletin Boards

During any given week at The Quadrangle, there are about 100 events going on, which include lectures, concerts, trips, meetings for our 60-odd action committees and more! Bulletin boards in each building are an effective channel for communicating events to all residents. 
Pat Eames is the Chair of this operation.

Computer Committee

The Computer Committee maintains, supports and supplies the community computer center. Residents may use email, access the Internet, and prepare resident-supported activity materials. The committee advises residents on technology that is user friendly and suitable for a particular need. Committee members provide “how-to” information and resources and offer programs and classes on technology use. Most recently the committee held an orientation session on iPads and other personal devices. When residents have computer problems with their own computer, either PC’s or Macs, we provide telephone support, a house call if needed, or the names of outside technical support persons for more complex situations.
Jim Marvin, Carol Roberts and Weecha Crawford are Co-Chairs.

Biographies and Photos

The Quadrangle maintains a great tradition of documenting a brief biography on each of its residents. Within a few weeks of moving to The Quadrangle, a resident will be approached to take part in a project that has been going on for 24 years. The library houses all of these one-page documents on each current and former resident. It serves as a great resource for new residents to get to know others another you may be meeting for the first time. The archive includes personal histories, family data, education, work backgrounds as well as interests and hobbies.  
Joan Honig is the Chair.

The Quadrangle Times

The Quadrangle Times is the community newsletter published ten times a year (September through June) by the residents of The Quadrangle. The purpose of the QT, as it is familiarly known, is to present the latest community news, including upcoming events and activities. This includes music programs, talks and lectures, poetry, and art exhibits; articles introducing new residents; news from the Library; information about trips, and anything else related to the community that the editor decides is newsworthy.
Helen Gindele is the Editor.

The QRA Archivist

The Archivist receives and maintains all of the important documents relating to the creation of The Quadrangle starting even before it opened in 1989. It is the essential history of The Quadrangle. The archives are kept up-to-date through the efforts of other committees that submit their important papers.
Dorothy Wolfe is the Archivist.

Website Committee

The Web committee initiates content for The Quadrangle’s website and keeps information about committees and activities up to date. 
Ceil Frey is Chair of the Website Committee.