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New Community Planned for McLean, VA

A Home to Benefit Area Seniors and Families

Sunrise is working to bring high-quality assisted living and memory care services through a new community in the area of Kirby Road and Westmoreland Street. Over the past two years Sunrise has been working with local neighbors to listen, answer questions and seek feedback.

We have substantially revised our plans to further address the input of local community members. Our new proposal was submitted to Fairfax County on December 22, 2016. You may read it here.

For 35 years, Sunrise has provided a resident-centered approach to care in a nurturing home – located where families have the convenience and opportunity to be near their aging loved ones.

Read more about our story, which began in Northern Virginia, as well as view videos of Ed and Hilda, for a glimpse into life at our communities.


We are committed to keeping our neighbors informed and satisfied as we make progress on this project to benefit the entire region. We welcome questions and feedback sent to Greater details about the current site proposal, including changes resulting from neighborhood input, are noted below:

Design & Height

  • Reducing the density of the site by about half, from a .25 floor area ratio (FAR) to a .13 FAR. With this new .13 FAR, the community will have a lower density than the surrounding R-3, PDH-4, and R-8 neighborhoods.
  • Reducing the zoning height of the building to 22.17 feet, which is lower than the 35 feet permitted for single family homes.
  • Adjusting the peak of the new building to be within approximately one foot of the existing church’s peak. Removing the tiered retaining walls on Westmoreland and lowering the grade of the site to track the existing grade of Westmoreland Street.
  • Providing underground parking for 33 of the 55 parking spaces.
  • The building will be one floor above the street on Kirby and one floor above the shared property line on Crosswoods. Previously, the building had 3 floors at the lowest grade along Westmoreland. At the community’s request, Sunrise has stepped back the building on Westmoreland. At the lowest grade, Sunrise has reduced the building to two stories and is implementing a flat green roof that will be accessible and open.
  • Cross-section comparisons show that, including the topography, the peak of Sunrise’s proposed roof is more than 13 feet shorter than L’Ambiance’s and 11 feet shorter than Crosswoods’. While the previous design’s building peak was 33 feet above the peak of the house across Westmoreland at the lowest grade along Westmoreland, this new design the building is now within about 5 feet peak across Westmoreland at the lowest grade along Westmoreland. The building then rises with the existing grade along Westmoreland, as do the houses across the street.
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  • More than two-thirds of the site will be open space, with most trees standing 10 feet tall at the time of planting. Sunrise has maintained the large vegetated buffer along the Crosswoods neighborhood boundary and will place that buffer in an easement running with the land.
  • Placing 35 foot buffers along Westmoreland Street and Kirby Road in easements that will run with the land. Sunrise is placing more than 60,000 square feet of screening in easements.
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  • The new design plans to close the entrance to the property on Kirby and relocate it to Westmoreland. Unlike the existing entrance which is directly across the entrance to L’Ambiance, the new entrance on Westmoreland will be set off from Youngblood. In addition, Sunrise will dedicate and construct right and left turn lanes into the site. This will take the minimal traffic entering the Property out of the through lanes.
  • Increasing dedication of right of way and access easements to approximately 19,000 square feet to assist with transportation improvements. At the community’s request, Sunrise is extending the existing right turn lane on Westmoreland 180 feet so that it extends past Youngblood and is dedicating the rest of the frontage.
  • Sunrise has agreed to make a shuttle operating between the Subject Property and a Metro Station available for its employees.
  • Agreeing to create and maintain 700 feet of pedestrian pathways along Westmoreland where no sidewalk currently exists. This includes offering to connect the sidewalk along the property’s frontage to the existing trail towards Poole.
  • Dedicating more than 1,100 feet of new bike lanes along the Kirby Road and Westmoreland Street intersection.
  • Shifting team member schedules to help avoid the local neighborhood’s peak traffic times and school transportation periods. With this adjustment, the traffic generated by this proposed use is a mere fraction of one percent of the total trips during these peak times. Sunrise would represent only 0.29% of the AM Peak Hour trips and 0.8% of the PM Peak Hour trips through the intersection.
‘The Fairfax County Health Care Advisory Board confirmed that there is a need for an assisted living community in this location’

Fairfax County predicts that, between 2005 and 2030, area residents aged 70 and older will increase by 88 percent.* In addition the county is “expected to have a rapidly increasing population of persons age 65 and older as the Baby Boom generation ages.”**

At a public hearing on May 9, 2016, the Fairfax County Health Care Advisory Board confirmed that there is a need for an assisted living community in this location.

For media inquiries, contact:

*Source: Fairfax County Department of Family Services
**Source: Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services