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Meet the Caregivers: Tips for Building a Relationship with Staff at an Assisted Living Community

If a senior in your life has recently moved to an assisted living community, they probably feel excited and a little overwhelmed. Both are common soon after the transition. As a loved one, you might be experiencing similar feelings. Going from hands-on caregiving to more of a support role can be an adjustment.

While most new residents and their families focus on meeting neighbors and making new friends, it’s a good idea to get to know the staff, too. Building relationships with team members is important to help ensure you feel comfortable with the care your loved one receives.

4 Tips for Building Relationships with Community Staff

These tips can help you meet and get to know the people who will be caring for your loved one in the months and years ahead:

1. Take time to introduce yourself.

When you are in the midst of transitioning your family member to an assisted living community, it’s easy to focus on managing the details of the move. After your loved one has moved in, however, make your way around the community and introduce yourself to the staff. Ask questions to learn more about the role each person plays in the community.

Team members welcome the opportunity to get to know families and appreciate it when residents’ loved ones reach out. Encourage staff to call you if they have questions or concerns, even when it’s not an emergency. You might be the key to helping staff make this transition go smoothly for your family member.

2. Volunteer at the community.

An adult child or spouse might find themselves with extra time on their hands once a senior moves to assisted living or memory care. At first, you’ll likely want to catch up with household tasks and errands, and reconnect with friends and social clubs. When you’ve had an opportunity to regain the balance in your life, consider ways to volunteer at your senior loved one’s assisted living community.

Sharing your special talents, such as playing piano during happy hour or teaching in the computer lab, will be appreciated. Even assisting with special events will give you an opportunity to get to know the staff on a different level.

3. Work on establishing a personal connection.

As your parent or senior family member settles into their new home, continue to establish bonds with staff members. Ask how they started caregiving, how long they’ve been with the community, the days and times they work, and if they have a family of their own.

Showing personal interest helps create a stronger relationship with staff and a more supportive environment for your loved one. It also gives peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands.

4. Express your support publicly.

Help spread the word about how happy you and your senior loved one are that you found such a great community! Follow the community on Facebook and share their posts with your friends. Take a moment to leave a few good words on review sites. This type of positive word-of-mouth helps assisted living communities continue to thrive while also boosting team members’ morale.

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Article By: Sunrise Senior Living

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