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Becky DevorBecky Devor

Tenure at Sunrise Senior Living:
“I have been with Sunrise Senior Living since 2007. I spent one year working at a local community gaining hands-on experience and then 2 years as a Sales Specialist traveling from community to community.  I have been in my current capacity as a Senior Living Counselor since 2010.”

Experience in Senior Living:
“I began my senior living career in the life enrichment area in a small assisted living company. My job was to engage residents and encourage them to participate in activities of interest to them. I remember taking them on “Memory Drives” on the community bus. They would tell stories about the homes they lived in and the places they worked. I will never forget their stories and the pleasure it gave them to tell these stories. I worked there for four years, and shortly after joined the Sunrise team.”

Why I love working for Sunrise:
“Every day I am thankful to be working at Sunrise, where our residents are put first. Each resident is showed the respect they desire each and every day of their lives. It is not hard to tell families about Sunrise when I truly believe that we have the best assisted living to offer and stand by what we say. Sunrise also provides a great work environment for our team members.”

My best advice to families or seniors looking for senior living:
“It is best to get out and visit communities. Don’t visit too many, visit at different times of the day, talk to other families, narrow your search down and then make the right choice. Having a plan in place before you need to utilize it, is always the best plan. I always stress that Sunrise team members truly care about our residents.”

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