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Our Sunrise of Severna Park, MD, community loves celebrating holidays with great tasting food. For example, every Mother’s Day the team hosts a beautiful Sunday brunch, which includes resident favorites such as delicious beef tenderloin and crab cakes. As true Marylanders, our residents especially love homemade crab cakes and crab soup throughout the year. Each month, our dining team meets with residents to get their feedback and tweaks the menu accordingly.

Our community also boasts a beautiful herb garden. We often use fresh ingredients straight from our garden, such as basil, thyme and garlic. Our dining team makes a delicious homemade salad dressing with these fresh herbs that is a big hit!

Our dining services coordinator, Paul O’Brien, meets one-on-one with residents to accommodate their special requests.  Before joining the Sunrise team, Paul previously worked as the manager at several restaurants and food service companies, as well as the owner of a private catering business. He knows his way around the kitchen! Sunrise of Severna Park’s “homey atmosphere” won him over many years back and he is still honored to be a part of the committed team at our community.

Pureed Diet Options

We are pleased to share that we offer purees made with whole ingredients for residents who require the ease of a pureed diet. Learn more about our pureed diet options.

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