Planning a Smooth Transition

Moving to a senior living community may be the right decision, but it can also be a stressful one. It takes time to meet new neighbors, learn how to sleep in a new bedroom and understand the ins and outs of the community. At Sunrise, we do everything we can to ease each resident’s transition to his or her new home.

We encourage seniors to express their personal taste and style by bringing their own furniture and decorating their new apartment— right down to the paint color.

Tips For Downsizing

Over time, we all accumulate furniture, clothing and a variety of personal items. Moving provides a good opportunity to identify what’s important to keep—and what can be offered to friends and family, or donated to charity.

...Get the specifics on the size and layout of the new home. Plan to bring only those items that will fit comfortably.
...Create a must-have list tailored to favorite daily activities. For example, avid readers may want to include bookshelves.
...Get creative. Recreate the look of a previous home with fewer pieces, such as a loveseat (instead of the entire sofa set and chair).

...Make packing decisions alone. Enlist someone who’s less emotionally attached to items that might not fit or be useful in a smaller home.
...leave your loved one out of the process. If you’re helping a senior move to a new community, let him or her make as many decisions as possible.
...Waste money on new accessories. Sentimental photos, art, blankets and other mementos make a new home feel familiar.
Sunrise Design Team Tip

Go Green.

Plants can breathe life into a room by filtering the air and freshening the space they inhabit. Some low-maintenance suggestions include ferns, snake plants, peace lilies and money trees, while high-quality silk plants require no maintenance whatsoever.

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