This Promise Makes All the Difference

At Sunrise at East 56th, we promise that your happiness, your well-being, and your satisfaction are the sole focus of each and every one of our team members. You are the reason we offer the finer care in life, and we promise to deliver it for you every day at Sunrise at East 56th.
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Principles of Service

To make sure we deliver on our promise at Sunrise at East 56th, we’ve developed a set of principles to guide us. These touch on every aspect of how we serve our residents, and embody the philosophy behind the standard of living we provide.
  • Preserving Dignity.

    Every Sunrise at East 56th resident has their own unique dignity. As such, they receive the respect they deserve every day.
  • Celebrating Individuality.

    There is an incredible, engaging life story behind each of our residents at Sunrise at East 56th. And we want to hear it and understand it and help add to it.
  • Nurturing the Spirit.

    We take a holistic approach here, not focusing on just one need at a time, but always taking into consideration how each need affects the whole. The entire person is always cared for: mind, body, and spirit.
  • Enabling Freedom of Choice.

    The residents at Sunrise at East 56th have a special connection to New York City. And it’s our mission to help them continue to do everything they love in the city they love.
  • Encouraging Independence.

    We know the importance of being self-reliant, so we actively promote it for our residents in ways that take into consideration their unique needs.
  • Involving Family and Friends.

    Fostering a welcoming atmosphere and keeping residents safely connected to family, friends, and community are top priorities here at Sunrise at East 56th.

Your Team

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