Life Enrichment Managers

Nicole Marie Branco

Nicole Marie Branco

Sunrise at Parma, OH
I am blessed to work with such wonderful, compassionate team members. I am dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents with life skills that help them feel valued and provide them with a sense of purpose. At the end of the day, I am thankful that I am able to help families who are on this journey so they can better understand and communicate with their loved ones.

Nicole has served various roles within Sunrise, but her current role as a Life Enrichment Manager has proven to be the one she loves the most. In this position, Nicole feels a sense of accomplishment as she spends time with residents individually, learning what is important to each of them. She relays this information to other team members and family members so that joyful days can be created for all.

What Nicole’s team members say about her:

“Nicole continues to be a tremendous asset to Sunrise of Parma. She is greatly admired and respected by the entire team that stands in awe of her patience, loving attitude and commitment to the Sunrise mission of championing the quality of life for all seniors”
Rima, Executive Director

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