Resident Committees

Active and involved in community life, The Quadrangle residents have established more than 85 committees and interest groups to run a full array of activities that make our community an exciting place to live.


Art Coordinating Committee

The Art Coordinating Committee (ACC) invites residents to drop by and observe artists at work, or join them in one of our studios.
Art Studio
In the Art Studio, we work in all mediums: painting, drawing, pastels, watercolor, acrylic & oil. It is a mecca for experienced and beginning artists. The best works of everyone who uses the studio are displayed in the Student/Teacher Exhibit in our own Gallery Q2 every summer.
Craft Studio
Our Craft Studio features fabric arts, silver jewelry, clay & ceramics. This is a well-lit and extensively equipped workspace, including a kiln. Whether you are an artist or novice, this studio is a place to find creativity, relaxation and your hidden talents. Nestled in a corner of the Craft Studio is a comfortable alcove for carrying out projects involving all kinds of fabric arts.
Specialized Workshop
Outside experts are sometimes brought in to teach a Specialized Workshop in media such as pastel, still life and figure drawing. We encourage residents to arrange workshops in their own area of interest and many do.
Art Shows
Art Shows featuring photography, sculpture, painting, wall hangings, and pottery are installed for two or three months on a rotating basis. Recent shows are: “Cities/Urban Spaces”, “It’s All Relatives”, and “Staff Talent Revealed.”
Our Knitters enjoy knitting for hospital patients, Afghans for cancer patients and sweaters, scarves and other things for themselves or as presents.


With so much going on at The Quadrangle, a number of committees are directly concerned with communication.
In-House TV Channel 78
Our Channel 78 in-house TV system provides continual daily announcements, seven days a week. It carries a running scroll of scheduled activities at The Quadrangle including morning exercise classes, group meetings, afternoon programs, dinner menus, evening lectures, music and concert performances, movies, special events and holiday notices.
Auditorium A/V Committee
The Quadrangle features a number of different ways for our residents to use communication skills or technical abilities. Our Auditorium A/V committee handles the multi-faceted audio and visual system that supports performances and visits from speakers, entertainers and other resident activities. Hearing assistance devices are available and a “Loop System” is available for those with Telecoils in hearing aids. 
Bulletin Boards
During any given week at The Quadrangle, there are about 100 events going on, which include lectures, concerts, trips, meetings for our 80-odd action committees and more! Bulletin boards in each building are an effective channel for communicating events to all residents. 
Computer Committee

The Computer Committee maintains, supports and supplies the community computer center. Residents may use email, access the Internet, and prepare resident-supported activity materials. The committee advises residents on technology that is user friendly and suitable for a particular need. Committee members provide “how-to” information and resources and offer programs and classes on technology use. Most recently the committee held an orientation session on iPads and other personal devices. When residents have computer problems with their own computer, either PCs or Macs, we provide telephone support, a house call if needed, or the names of outside technical support persons for more complex situations.
Biographies and Photos
The Quadrangle maintains a great tradition of documenting a brief biography on each of its residents. Within a few weeks of moving to The Quadrangle, a resident will be approached to take part in a project that has been going on for 24 years. The library houses all of these one-page documents on each current and former resident. It serves as a great resource for new residents to get to know others you may be meeting for the first time. The archive includes personal histories, family data, education, work backgrounds as well as interests and hobbies.  
The Quadrangle Times
The Quadrangle Times is the community newsletter published ten times a year (September through June) by the residents of The Quadrangle. The purpose of the QT, as it is familiarly known, is to present the latest community news, including upcoming events and activities. This includes music programs, talks and lectures, poetry, and art exhibits; articles introducing new residents; news from the Library; information about trips, and anything else related to the community that the editor decides is newsworthy.
The QRA Archivist
The Archivist receives and maintains all of the important documents relating to the creation of The Quadrangle starting even before it opened in 1989. It is the essential history of The Quadrangle. The archives are kept up-to-date through the efforts of other committees that submit their important papers.
Website Committee
The Web committee initiates content for The Quadrangle’s website and keeps information about committees and activities up to date. 


Committee on Governmental Affairs
For residents who want to stay involved with government and civics, the Committee on Governmental Affairs serves as a link to the governmental processes of Haverford Township, Delaware County and Pennsylvania. COGA is geared towards informing residents about current political issues, particularly ones that are important to our quality of life at The Quadrangle. The Committee is non-partisan and welcomes interested new members.
Current Events Discussions
Each Tuesday at 11:30 a.m., residents meet in the Auditorium for a lively discussion of current events. Topics include politics, national and international events, sports, entertainment, and other activities that are of interest to the community and the country as a whole. On a rotating basis, a member of the Current Events Committee will conduct the discussion. Time is also set aside for current medical advances or health issues that is led by a resident M.D.
Delco-Action Seniors
Delco-Action Seniors promotes learning and advocacy in response to issues of social concern. It is affiliated with the national organization: Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA) and the state organization The Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans (PARA). The group sponsors talks and promotes letter writing and visits to legislators at all governmental levels. In the winter of 2013, we organized visits with legislators on gun control and presented them with a letter signed by more than 100 Quadrangle residents.
Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration
Each year we commemorate the life and leadership of The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. on his birthday. Residents and employees participate with enormous enthusiasm and enjoy performances by a local church choir, readings from his “I Have A Dream” speech and a topical lecture.
Social Issues
We have a keen interest in the world around us—both locally and beyond—and find many ways to give expression to their concerns. We perform volunteer work in the community, provide support for advocacy groups, host our own Current Events discussions, attend lectures at our many nearby colleges, and partner with other Quadrangle committees to schedule lectures on social, economic and topics of the humanities and science. From time to time Quadrangle residents' interests coalesce around local and national issues. Discussion groups focus on timely topics.


At The Quadrangle, a lot goes into making our community the best it can be. Residents enjoy a number of conveniences and know that their suggestions and opinions will be heard and used to improve the quality of life in the community.
Food and Beverage Committee
The Food and Beverage Committee meets monthly with the food manager, chef and the dining room supervisor to give them feedback on the quality of food and the total dining experience. The food in the elegant dining room and convenient grille continually receive praise from residents.
The Quadrangle Gift Shop
The Quadrangle Gift Shop is conveniently located near the front entrance opposite the Concierge desk during the prime hours of 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. It has a wide variety of gifts for all ages including handmade jewelry, greeting cards, accessories, and toys for visiting grandchildren. And best of all the proceeds go to the Quadrangle Residents’ Association for support of our resident-organized activities and committees.
Hospitality Committee
The Hospitality Committee is composed of representatives from each independent living building, and the cottages. This friendly group welcomes new residents when they move in.
Pet Committee
Our Pet Committee helps all pet owners adjust to life at The Quadrangle with their companions by explaining our basic pet care guidelines and providing information on professional pet care in the area.
Safety Committee
Our Safety Committee advises The Quadrangle management on resident concerns regarding safety.
Thrift Shop – Fibber McGee and Molly's Closet
Our thrift shop raises money for the Residents' Assistance Fund. Through the sale of residents' donated clothing, miscellaneous household items and the partial or complete contents of vacated apartments; our revenue helps residents in financial need. It provides a convenient and easy method for residents to make their donations and, in turn, an economical and easy shopping option for both residents and employees.
Transportation Committee
The Transportation Committee works closely with Quadrangle management on schedules for local shopping trips to food stores and shopping centers.
Trips Committee
On the second Thursday of each month, the Committee reviews past trips and plans for future ones. We visit local restaurants, museums, and nearby movie theaters. 


Cinema as Art, Classic Cinema, & Current Movies

Movie showings abound at The Quadrangle. Both classic and recent movies are shown on our TV channel. There is also a monthly presentation through a partnership with the non-profit Bryn Mawr Film Institute which includes a film showing, lecture, and discussion with special focus on filming technique and plot development. Movies recently shown include City Lights, How Green Was My Valley, Fantasia, and more!
Script-In-Hand Players
Three times a year, after auditions and rehearsals, our Script-in-Hand Players produce a full-length performance for the community. Recent plays have included Pygmalion, The Beaux' Stratagem, Mother Courage, and more! 
Second Saturday Performances

On the second Saturday of each month, a program that features jazz, ragtime, or barbershop quartets (and other non-classical musical formats!) as well as musical drama is presented to the community. 


Health Advisory Committee

Our Health Advisory Committee explores health issues impacting The Quadrangle’s residents. It also helps educate our community about a broad range of health topics, including upcoming vaccinations and health screenings.
Healthcare Volunteers
The Healthcare Volunteers provide assistance and support to residents in Skilled Nursing, Personal Care, and Special Care in our Oak and Holly buildings through visits and one-on-one interaction.
Oak Advocates Committee

The Oak Advocates Committee members are residents from social work, counseling, education or related backgrounds. Members receive referrals from, and work cooperatively with the personal care social worker. Members also provide general monitoring of the Health Center and respond to questions and concerns of its patients.
Low Vision Support Group
Our Low Vision Group meets once a month, usually with a speaker in which low vision residents participate. We discuss the latest findings in eye health so we can have better conversations with our eye doctors. A look at the monthly activity with low-vision concerns reveals nearly 20 special interest groups including current events, lectures, concerts, movies, classical music listening and discussion and choral singing. There are also fine art, ceramic and jewelry making classes—geared to our special needs.


Health Lectures Committee

The Health Lectures Committee hosts lectures and discussion on health issues that are important to The Quadrangle’s residents. Recent lectures include an annual lecture by Dr. Bonnie Ashby, Quadrangle Medical Director, on Electronic Medical Records: Pros & Cons. Lectures have included Palliative Medicine, and Hospitalists and Hospitals.
Science Lecture Committee
The Science Lecture Committee presents programs from diverse scientific fields and engineering by residents and invited specialists from nearby colleges and universities. New residents with scientific or engineering backgrounds are encouraged to participate. Recent programs have included Exercise and the Aging Heart and Recent Results from Mission Mars.
Thursday Night Lectures Committee
Twice a month this committee schedules speakers for a general cultural talk on a topic of interest to our residents, usually incorporating visuals and followed by a lively Q & A period. Speakers include authors, journalists, academics from the humanities and the natural sciences, gallery and museum directors and curators, and artists drawn from all over the East Coast for a diverse array of content. Recent topics include The New Barnes Museum, Women and the 2012 Election, Border Issues in the creation of South Sudan, The Last 10 years of the Phillies, and A Race of Singers: Walt Whitman to Bruce Springsteen.


Centrally located in the Manor House, The Quadrangle library houses more than 10,000 books and is often held up as a model for other retirement communities. More than 30 trained volunteers maintain an up-to-date card catalog that makes finding books easy.
The library is open 24 hours a day and checkout works on an honor system. The collection includes fiction, mystery, biography, and non-fiction. There are two bookcases filled with books written by current residents. Besides regular books, there are large print books, audio books, and DVDs. The collection is regularly updated every month with roughly 30-50 new items either through purchase or donation.
Twelve residents form the library’s Advisory and Purchasing Committees. In addition, the Library subscribes to The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Wall Street Journal and also has some 50 monthly magazines and professional journals donated by residents.


Writers Group

The Writers Group meets every month and embraces all genres, memoirs, fiction, essays, and poetry. While some have never tried their hand before joining the group, others have been writing for years, and some are published authors. Participants frequently express their appreciation for the constructive, useful, and supportive nature of the group's comments when critiquing one another’s work. The group’s work culminates in an annual anthology, Quadrant, which includes each writer's best writing.
Poetry Committee
The Poetry Committee exposes and informs residents about good poetry and poets with monthly readings based on a theme. Past themes have included: “Poetry Goes to the Movies,” “Poetry of the Americas,” “Poems for Children,” “Journeys & Quests,” “Food & Drink,” and “What is a Poem?” A brochure is produced each month that includes the poems to be read and short biographies of the poets.
Readers' Group
The Readers' Group is made up of committed book-lovers who come together once a month for a spirited conversation about a chosen book. Many are regulars, but all residents are cordially invited to attend. Some topics chosen include, “First Books by Famous Authors,” “Women-Centered Novels,” “Asian Novels,” “The Short Story,” “Latin-American Novels,” “Nobel Prize Winners,” “Villains and Scoundrels,” “East and West,” “Utopias and Dystopias,” and “Biographies and Memoirs.”
Drama Club
Our enthusiastic Drama Club’s members perform improvisations, monologues, short scenes, or dialogues, and learn acting fundamentals in an informal setting. They work from scripts from a variety of sources—Shakespeare to Neil Simon.
Religion Study Group
The Religion Study Group meets for study and discussion for an hour each week. Over the years, its members have drawn upon the expertise of distinguished scholars in the field, by reading their books or listening to them via recorded lectures. Recent lectures include: “Why Evil Exists,” “The Dead Sea Scrolls,” “Islam,” and “Comparative Religion.” Among the significant books studied are: “Quaker Spirituality,” “Black Elk Speaks,” “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” “What the Buddha Taught,” and “Psychology of Religion.”
Fun with Yiddish
The Fun with Yiddish group meets twice a month to read (in transliteration) and discuss various stories. At times, participants compose short essays in Yiddish.


Saturday Night Programs Committee

Our Saturday Night Programs Committee arranges quality musical and lecture programs in the auditorium, focusing primarily on the Arts, for three Saturdays in the month. Recent programs include recitals by instrumental groups of The Settlement Music School, a lecture by David Ludwig of the Curtis Institute, and concerts by Freyda Thomas and Charles Abramovitz.
Classical Concerts Committee
Musical performances by young musicians are brought to The Quadrangle by Astral Artists once a month. The mission of Astral is to discover the most promising musicians residing in the United States and to help develop their professional careers. Recent concerts include recitals by pianist Alexandre Moutouzkine and violinist Eunice Kim and a performance by the Jasper String Quartet.
Joy of Singing
The Joy of Singing group meets weekly for an hour of singing in the auditorium with piano accompaniment. This program is designed for those who just enjoy singing without the prerequisites of a great voice or ability to read music. Songbooks are provided, encompassing tunes familiar to most seniors, from old favorites to Broadway hits and a wide variety in between. Two themed events a year blend audience sing-alongs with poetry readings, storytelling, and instrumental offerings by members of the community.
DVD Music Discussion
Once a week we have a DVD Music Discussion led by Dr. Greenberg—a widely acclaimed music lecturer. The series explores the lives of famous composers and music history. Regardless of musical background, there is always something new to learn or to hear and all residents and visitors are welcome to these lectures, which recently have explored Richard Wagner and The History of Jazz.


The Environment Committee

Once a month from September through May, the Environment Committee meets to address recycling issues and the preservation of natural resources. Residents are encouraged to participate in a variety of initiatives through our Green Q-Tips “how to go green” that are featured in The Quadrangle Times.
Our heated greenhouse is a much-appreciated resource, especially in winter. It is a learning experience for novices, and a great place to share plants and growing tips. Resident gardeners often start growing their vegetables in early spring for transplanting later into large garden plots. 
Patio Gardens
Each ground level apartment and cottage has outdoor space, and apartments on upper floors have an open balcony that is ideal for individual gardens. A feature of our ground floor apartments is the freedom to garden and also put in an extended patio. The choice is yours. One of our residents, Vivian Nachmias, is an enthusiastic patio gardener.
Landscape Committee
Many of our residents are interested in landscaping and gardening. Members of the Landscape Committee represent a collective voice to ensure resident gardening activities are supported and encouraged. In addition to the general appearance of the grounds, the Committee’s concerns include the program for historic and memorial trees, the vegetable garden and greenhouse, the new orchard, and trails through the woods.
Large Garden Plots
There are 20 plots for growing annuals and perennials in the fertile soil of The Quadrangle’s garden. During warm weather, tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, arugula, radishes, and other vegetables end up on our residents’ dinner tables. Some grow enough to share within the community and it’s not unusual to end up with someone’s extra zucchini in your kitchen.


Bridge Nights

Bridge games are held every Monday and Wednesday evenings in the Auditorium. Our more informal games are held on Monday evenings so there is no competition in winning. On Wednesday evenings, more serious players can come with a partner or by themselves for an evening of duplicate bridge. Winning results are posted on our TV channel and posted on bulletin boards. Enjoy good company, entertainment, refreshments, and fun while you enhance your bridge skills! 
The Fitness Committee
The Fitness Committee oversees outdoor sports, arranges competitions, and coordinates its activities with the Fitness Director. There is a well-maintained tennis court near the cottages. Players themselves arrange informal games and competitions.

Croquet is another popular activity of The Quadrangle’s well-rounded Fitness Program. Our natural grass court, on the south lawn of the Manor House overlooking the beautiful South Brook Valley, provides an ideal setting for both recreational and competitive croquet. We play a relaxed yet competitive Lawn Croquet rules on Sundays throughout June and Wimbledon rules in September. Modest prizes and trophies add spice to the competition! All residents are invited to play so it becomes a social event.
The Fitness Committee offers both indoor and outdoor walking opportunities for residents. Each month the group sponsors a walk in arboreta, college campuses, and other verdant locations nearby. They are a good way to see new vistas as well as exercising. For those who prefer to be shielded from the elements, an extensive system of walkways connects the seven apartment buildings and offers climate-controlled walks all year-round. The Quadrangle’s residents can walk indoors for half a mile without retracing our steps. Additionally, the Haverford Township Community recreation and Environmental Center has an indoor walking track just a short distance away, which is free to all Quadrangle residents. Other nearby walking opportunities include the Haverford College campus as well as the Haverford Reserve and the Radnor Trail—all within a 10-minute drive.

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