The Fairfax at Belvoir Woods

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The Fairfax & Army Foundation

The Fairfax History

During the early 1980s, a group of Army officers and their wives began to plan ahead for their retirement and recognized the need for a community that uniquely supports a retired military audience. What started as a dream became a reality when they worked together to organize and incorporate the Army Retirement Residence Foundation-Potomac (ARRF-P) as a public supported charity in 1983. From there, the organization brought their vision to life in Fort Belvoir, VA, opening The Fairfax in 1989.

The Fairfax is a distinctive military retirement community, serving retired officers and their spouses from the US Uniformed Services, CIA, FBI, Foreign Service, and other Federal Agencies—as well as the parents of active and retired military personnel. Throughout the community’s near 30 year history, the ARRF-P has partnered with the community to continuously improve the resident experience and ensure the well-being of every individual who calls The Fairfax home.

Staying true to its roots, the Army Foundation continues to celebrate a lifetime of military camaraderie, through recognition and service to those who served our country. Residents at The Fairfax enjoy a distinctive independent living experience with a variety of living options, including apartments and cottages, and bountiful amenities, such as walking trails, an indoor pool, tennis courts, a putting green, and a seven-acre lake and nature preserve.

What does the ARRF-P do for The Fairfax?

The Army Retirement Residence Foundation-Potomac is a nonprofit organization that acts to ensure the strength of our community and quality of our residence. The Foundation offers grants and assistance to residents of The Fairfax who are in financial need, allowing neighbors to remain in their home at critical times, such as when skilled nursing care may be needed. ARRF-P also maintains the beauty of the nature preserve, stocking the lake with fish year-round, and created the resident computer room—providing residents convenient access to technology.

The Foundation’s board of directors is made up of 12 individuals (both residents and non-residents).

How can I support the ARRF-P?

Follow this link to donate to ARRF-P via PayPal. All contributions to the Army Foundation are 100% tax deductible.  

Since 2013, The Fairfax Giving Tree serves to recognize donors and special supporters of the ARRF-P. Generous contributions will be gifted with a leaf to inscribe as you wish. Stop in to view the Giving Tree, located in our Community Center.

The Fairfax Giving Tree

What types of fundraising events does the ARRF-P hold?

ARRF-P puts on many events throughout the year, but a community favorite is the highly-anticipated annual resident chili cook-off. Beyond fundraising for the Foundation, ARRF-P also conducts charitable giving to likeminded organizations, including the Lorton Volunteer Fire Department and causes to support wounded veterans.

Can I become a member of the ARRF-P?

Yes! Follow this link to learn more about the application process.

To learn more about the Army Retirement Residence Foundation-Potomac, visit or call us at 703-799-1200.
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