Recognition and Achievement

At Sunrise, recognition is at the heart of what we do. We start each meeting with a Sunrise Story, celebrating a team member who has made a difference in the life of a resident.

Our Culture of Appreciation

Our culture at Sunrise is special. We recognize our team member’s unique gifts, talents, and hard work. To show that appreciation we emphasize the importance of team member recognition and put into practice our core values like joy in service, stewardship, and respect.

Awards and Recognition at Sunrise

We foster a culture of gratitude and recognition for our team members.
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    Excellence Awards

    We recognize our Sunrise leaders' meaningful contributions to their communities and how their actions have greatly impacted both residents and their fellow team members.
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    Long-Term Service Award

    Our tenured team members serve as an inspiration to us all. We celebrate their milestone years and recognize how their contributions to Sunrise help us continue to shine bright.

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    Joy in Service Award

    We honor those who are exemplary in promoting Sunrise’s philosophy of care and service. Their passion and dedication to serving our residents allows us to provide best-in-class support.

Summer of Sunrise

Each year, we look forward to hosting our annual Summer of Sunrise event. We show appreciation and thank those who make Sunrise the very best it can be, our talented, dedicated team members that make a difference each day through mission-driven service!
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Beyond our mission and goals, we share deep gratitude for our fellow team members who have accompanied us on our journey. Every day we are touched by acts of kindness, moments of affection and deeply meaningful relationships experienced between seniors, families and team members throughout Sunrise.
Sunrise Co-Founder